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Addition with running total
I'm trying to write a program which works like a calculator, keeping the running total of an operati...
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Will pay money for personal programming help. email only if interested
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by T4l0n
can't input more than 10
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main (){ int x; int y; int a; ...
[3 replies] Last: That even compiles without the int being a const int, for the array in... (by Lynx876)
int to char
I'm having trouble getting an int to cast to char in a way that the char will display the actual val...
[3 replies] Last: The function only takes char strings, so using string is out That ne... (by Chervil)
Please help with dice roll program
Hello, I'm new to c++ and I have this problem. 1) Write a program to simulate rolling a pair of ...
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Problem with srand() and rand()
Googled around and could not find a straightforward solution. When outputting the result of rand(...
[7 replies] Last: Because each time you call rand(), its seed gets re-randomized, mostly... (by S G H)
Euclideans Algorithm to reduce fractions
Hi my teacher gave us an assignment and I have gotten every thing taken care of except for understan...
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While(!fin.eof()) infinite loop?
Hello everyone. First of all, sorry for another thread on such a common topic, but unfortunately I w...
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Reverse Of A Number.
write a program which accepts a number and displays the reverse of the number. ex. input: 789 ...
[5 replies] Last: string num; cout << "Enter num"; getline(cin, num); for (string::r... (by rcast)
by s1l3nt
Conditional Operators
I have read several articles and visited several websites trying to grasp the concept of the conditi...
[6 replies] Last: Yes. I've never actually used this until I read your post! aha. I jus... (by Lynx876)
Program crashing even in Debug
I thought I had it, but it keeps crashing, even in debug, so I can't figure out whats wrong. Please ...
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by klost
Book for a begginer
I can find in my country the C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition, but I read several complains to the 5th Ed...
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by Sumeth
Help needed with allegro installation.
Hello everyone, I have been trying to get allegro 5 installed with codeblocks. I have gotten to th...
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Implementing all member functions of a class
Was wondering if someone would be able to assist me with this c++ homework assignment I am having an...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a bunch Framework. //The following program will, with user i... (by bigyankeefan)
For loop * checkerboard
I have to make a program for my class that needs me to use 3 cout statements that are "*" ," ", and ...
[7 replies] Last: #include <iostream> int main() { const size_t N = 8; const char c1... (by vlad from moscow)
by ko2
sscanf error
error C2664: sscanf Hellow. I have a problem. When I compiled there writing error C2664: sscanf ... ...
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HW I dont understand what im doing wrong
Problem: The queen on the ACSL chess board is the most versatile piece. It can move at most N cells ...
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Reading in a file and sorting alphabetically. need Help please!
So the assignment is to read in a file of names then sort it alphabetically. This is the code I have...
[6 replies] Last: ahh I see! I've always used file.good(). Guess it's time to move on, a... (by Lynx876)
How can I make a calculation using strings?
I'm having trouble using strings to display the result, it says: no match for operator - in arg1 -...
[10 replies] Last: It's fine - I think it was better to link to the FAQ. The OPer can alw... (by LB)
Question About Strings
I need to create a program that takes a users info for a check and displays it in a check form. Here...
[11 replies] Last: It clears the input buffer, i.e. std::cin. Which is removing the '\n' ... (by Lynx876)
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