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by zyx459
Default case causing infinite loops in game
I'm making a tic-tac-toe game. everything works fine(this is a small portion of the program), but if...
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Need help with array of type struct
Hi! I need some help understanding what my assignment is telling me to do, and how I can implement i...
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Need help with a basic encryption/decryption program
Hello, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if anybody can help me with a basic encryption/decry...
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Hi, I through the majority of the cplusplus tutorials on C++ now and have the genera...
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Help with Main/budget program
I've been having trouble with a budget program, the problem is that I keep calling a function more t...
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Finding Factors
Hi! I am working on an assignment in class and received most of this code. I just have to add in som...
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Classes initilizing query
Hi, have recently broken into the classes I tutorial. (Took meh long enuf!) Unfortunately I'm having...
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dynamic allocatd array
Hello there. I was asked to design a program using a dynamic array of structures. I've done it befor...
[1 reply] : //header.h #ifndef HEADER_H #define HEADER_H struct Sparks { char na... (by ne555)
by BaneX
Error message after debugging
When i debug i get this error :"there would build errors. Would you like to continue and run the las...
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by Clay
substitute for goto
I was wondering if there is a substitute for a goto statement at the if(players_input=="inv...
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Help with for loop pattern
hi can anyone help me convert this for loop to show this pattern but instead going the other way? ...
[2 replies] Last: I'm not sure whether this is what you mean, but this program outputs t... (by DennisNL)
I need to have the output formatted to look like this Name Hours worked Pay ra...
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by IGI30
My Documents folder location
I want to get the path of My Documents Folder in the vaiable MY_DOCUMENTS char MY_DOCUMENTS ; ...
[10 replies] Last: That assumes the documents folder is called "Documents" under the home... (by kbw)
how would i call the variable within the parameter to perform a loop or if statement within the void...
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new to C++ need help
You are required to declare a one dimensional data structure called Marks that will store six (7) st...
[16 replies] Last: If there's already an if statement you must use else if: if(choice =... (by jasongog)
Displaying content
Alright for some reason I cant get my program to dispaly everythign that is in the currect file just...
[4 replies] Last: I mean it looks like it is nor reading the file as a string but as a c... (by ProgramMaster)
by ar2007
problem with vector 2D
hello. I try to create a program with std :: vector two-dimensional, and I have a problem. the pro...
[6 replies] Last: hello code777. Thank you for your help. I changed the code and I have ... (by ar2007)
by jortjr
I am new to programming and need help figuring out the error in my program. I cant find the error. I...
[2 replies] Last: First of all it's spelled "main" not "mian" (Unless you are of pre-col... (by kooth)
Storing data
Alright im making a rgram to log intoa system but I need it to store many things in the same folder,...
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by ndat
copy constructor and the definition of it
I have some exercises to do in my workbook and I'm stuck on one. it says: A) Write the functio...
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