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Function Parameter Error
Hi, this program is supposed to output a table, which it does do. however, the values in the last co...
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I have Ambigous error in my code both variables are global and one is a two dimensional array and th...
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by alsade
enum qustion
if i defined enum like this day{sun,mon,tue,wed} , how can i create a variable from type day and...
[1 reply] : There is no built-in enum/string conversion. If you want the user to t... (by Peter87)
Beginner Tic Tac Toe help
Hey people, I've just started messing around with c++. I made this Tic Tac Toe game but I felt ther...
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Is this what linker does?
I think I finally got what a linker is. But I just want to make sure I got it right The only job ...
[1 reply] : Oh am confused again. Will A linker take a compiled file (object code... (by Garvanov)
Need Help... Writing on to, Scanning, and Returning Data from .txt File?
Question: So I want to send and store: words, their definition, synonyms, and part of speech, in a ...
[6 replies] Last: > It's my assuption that I need to write something like: > #include ... (by JLBorges)
by qmzh85
Does new and delete have to match?
Dear all: I know as a general rule, the occurrence of new and delete should match. If we new...
[10 replies] Last: Thanks all, appreciate all your explanations. (by qmzh85)
by qmzh85
A book to compare C and C++
Dear all: I am curious if there any books that compares the similarity/difference of C and C++? F...
[4 replies] Last: JLBorges, thanks for your information, those references really helps. (by qmzh85)
C++ Beginner - Please Help
Ok, here goes... I have recently started a c++ programming course and thought i was doing ok, the...
[2 replies] Last: Don't forget to append a semicolon to the end of your class. (by Avilius)
by andrix
class template
hello, I am writing a class template matrix: template<class T> class matrix{ private: un...
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by alsade
initializing an integer array with a constructor
if my constructor looks like this: employee::employee(int idnum ,const char* ename) { for(int i=0...
[2 replies] Last: great thanks! (by alsade)
"getline" trouble
After reading about how to use getline I thought I was using it correctly, but apparently I am not...
[3 replies] Last: Another thing to mention is that std::cin >> leaves a new line in th... (by giblit)
Implment something in command line.
Write your question here. #include <stdio.h> int add1(int a){ return a + 1; }...
[6 replies] Last: I'm not 100% positive how scanf works but can't you just read in a str... (by giblit)
Structure problem.. stachdump
hi everyone, please help: I doing a structure problem, it compiles fine, it looks fine to me as well...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks Yanson got is sorted out: Below is my working code: /* * str... (by austin7)
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