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weird behavior of tic-tac-toe game
I wrote a tic-tac-toe program, when i run it, i get some weird behavior. Refer to the output below. ...
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making a script to auto get depndencies to make a makefile
I havent gotten really far enough to the point where i have multiple headers and cpp files as a depe...
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what should I learn?
recently I'm confusing by learning stuff. I have read the <<c ++ primer plus>>, but I'm confused wh...
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by scopez
if im saving input as arrays, how do i check to see if the user went over the size of the array?
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getline error
I've been fiddling with the cin and getline functions lately, but I haven't wrapped my head on why t...
[11 replies] Last: Which way would be best to use out of methods 2 and 3? I would conside... (by skillinazn)
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