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ATM machine
Here's one for some of you! I thought I'd try to make a novice ATM machine, the program takes the pi...
[4 replies] Last: This pointer is destroyed at the end of this function Also you never ... (by jidder)
Hi , Im basicly new here. I have few problems that I met in c++ programming. The problem is about b...
[4 replies] Last: An array is an ordered list of things (or elements ). Each element ... (by Duthomhas)
by nvrmnd
what's wrong w/ this extraction of integer
Why won't the former code work ? doesn't work #include <iostream> #include <sstream> int main(...
[3 replies] Last: wow, tnx guys, why didn't i think of that (by nvrmnd)
Error:assigning to an array from an initializer list
Please throw some light on following error. unsigned int trans_val_1 ; unsigned int xor_result_arr...
[12 replies] Last: it's capital 'S' template <std::size_t Size> void sub_trans_out( std... (by nvrmnd)
Problem With Secant Method
Can someone help me find the error of this code? it displays wrong results. Here is a sample output ...
[2 replies] Last: got it men! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (by newton123)
by ryan01
Trouble overloading >>
I created a simple program that gathers user input and stores it in an array of objects called Games...
[12 replies] Last: OK. Now see what you can make of this. Code to accept user input and c... (by JLBorges)
Why is conio.h depreciated?
As the title says why it is called depreciated and should be never used ?
[2 replies] Last: I'd prefer anytime conio.h functions instead of things like system("pa... (by modoran)
by Wocky
Is a class created in a method remembered?
I'm new to C++, but I've been writing C for several years. I'm trying to learn C++, but on my own ...
[3 replies] Last: You have now: void class2::do_interesting_things() { class1* test_... (by keskiverto)
by alsade
question about static member
im trying to compare two strings length and print the longest but because i had to define the string...
[13 replies] Last: I bet confusing terms: Not static , but static as in non-dynamic .... (by keskiverto)
by Vizo
Help ASAP please :-(
Hello everyone, I am trying to solve Prim's Algorithm but I got stuck and confused half way. I do...
[1 reply] : where are you stuck? What is your confusion? elaborate and try to as... (by codewalker)
start time,end time and execution time for c++..
Start time, end time and execution time for using text file in c++.. output: Hours ...
[1 reply] : Giving code is not helping. What have you done so far and what do you ... (by giblit)
Program won't build at home but at school it works.
The school has visual studios 2010 and i have the 2010 express version at home. My programs run fine...
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by sky3
reading in integers from a file
for the life of me i cannot figure out why this wont just read in and output correctly. when i cout ...
[4 replies] Last: yea i just realized that lol. it was using the scientific notion for ... (by sky3)
by eonly
How would I write a function that takes an array of char that holds a c string, and a char variable,...
[1 reply] : Start with the prototype. Show what steps you know you should take, ex... (by Zhuge)
simplifying code and looping
Is there a better way to do this than adding output = GRADE + gradeOut; between each if statement?...
[6 replies] Last: Great, thanks again! I added a do/while loop that says: do { //stuf... (by horkavi)
Project Euler question 2
The program I'm trying to write is supposed to calculate the sum of the even Fibonacci numbers less ...
[3 replies] Last: Ah I see I was thinking he had lines 18-22 and line 16 switched. I lik... (by giblit)
Project Euler Wrong answer
This code gives me the wrong answer after researching online for the answer. Can someone tell me why...
[13 replies] Last: natural numbers You're correct Chervil. Counting from 0 has become ... (by closed account j3Rz8vqX)
User Input Help!
Below I have my code, where it checks if a number is prime, and then it overloads the -- and ++ oper...
[2 replies] Last: thank you!! (by giraffe1234)
Should I be using threads?
Hello everybody, This will be somewhat of a simple question, I am trying to write my first useful...
[1 reply] : Yes, I'd probably say use threads for this. C++11 has support for thr... (by Avilius)
Function Returns Empty String Every TIme
Excuse me, Im trying to create a command line application in which I have a function that is suppose...
[2 replies] Last: I think that Duoas has a much better answer, but I hope that this can ... (by MaxterTheTurtle)
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