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by Aikawa
How to do this complicated question?
In the 13th century, the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci—as a way to explain the geometri...
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by Aikawa
I stuck at this basic question?
/* * File: Anonymous.cpp * ------------------ * This program doesn't do anything useful and ex...
[1 reply] : (a) -> prototype is line 3 and 4 definition is at line 10 and line 16 ... (by HiteshVaghani1)
by daniya
hello, am new in c++, i have tried to code the quadratic formula but surferring from several error. ...
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getline(cin, string) is giving me a weird glith
Pretty much I am asking the user for how many people are playing. After that I use a vector to make ...
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by Zu007
how to make additon function(for char)
i'm wanted to make addition function for ma class. #include<string.h> #include<iostream.h> cla...
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System Programming with C:Questions
Hello all, I am now following the PPT from my gf's c++ class and trying to do the last homework. Bas...
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Need help with ARRAYS please!!!
I am trying to write a program that uses arrays and this is my first time. You have an index of 100 ...
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memset() crash
I got 2D array(50x50) of structs: PathfinderNode** PathfindingGrid; struct PathfinderNode { ...
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Program using void functions
Hello. I am trying to learn C++ and I am making a program that turns phone numbers into words. For e...
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How can i pass an entire Array into a function parameter by value? (no pointer/ref pass)
C/C++ Language in g++.I want to pass an entire Array (2D or 1D) into a function by value without pas...
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Need some assistance using vectors with classes
Pretty much I have a game where I want the user to enter in a number of players playing against each...
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by Ch1156
Array in class
I have an array in my class but i cant figure out how to use it in my program, i fixed some issues w...
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Please help me check what's wrong
#include <iostream> class Tricycle { public: int getSpeed(); void setSpeed(int speed); void pe...
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2 issues I cannot figure out
#include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip> #include <strin...
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i am making a program to store data of bank #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string...
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by beakie
"infinite" amount of params like printf... how to?
How do I make a function with an unspecified amount of parameters... like printf does()? Cheers
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by beakie
How to call another constructor?
How can I call a constructor from a constructor? Txt::Txt(int i) { this->Txt(""); }; ...
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Proper commands for making games
I've been surfing around the internet and these forums and from what I've seen using cout/cin is not...
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by ToniAz
Default Parmeters for Function/Struct in C
Hello Everyone! I'm really not sure if this issue is compiler dependent, or language dependent. I...
[1 reply] : you can't have default parameters for classes or structs. You can prov... (by coder777)
by beakie
1) Why does asin(28.867514) not return a number? 2) How can I check for -1.#IND000 in c++?
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