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What actually happens when you replace comparison with assignment
So it seems like a lot of beginners tend to replace the comparison operator with the assignment oper...
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Prime Number function
Hi.I am new to this forum.I am developing a program which has a function that tells whether the valu...
[3 replies] Last: There some formula(method) to check whether a no is prime or not.I don... (by Akshit)
by pragu
What happens when we declare int main() ?
So what i understood was, by declaring int main() at the start of the program, the compiler instruct...
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sting counting ?how??
Im trying to teach myself string but i cant get anything to display. how to you take a string an...
[3 replies] Last: Line 13 should be inside the loop, but it still doesnt do what you wan... (by Lowest0ne)
Unions? Why?
So I can kind of see where unions might have been used when computers had 1 MB ram, or less, but thi...
[9 replies] Last: 32 bytes of ram This is ridiculous haha. What's the ISA look like f... (by ResidentBiscuit)
OOP - Linking implementation and header
Hi guys, I started the OOP chapter yesterday, and I get most of what is happening. However, ther...
[2 replies] Last: Alright, thanks a lot for the information :) I'm glad to hear I didn... (by sfBlackfox)
by zoldri
hexadecimal calculator problem
hi, ive got a problem with a calculator ive been writing, ive managed to get user input separated in...
[15 replies] Last: Cool, that's a run time error fixed. (by TheIdeasMan)
How to set values of 2d arrays c++?
i am working on a game and it would be very helpful if i had a 2d array to store coords how do i set...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks I wasn't sure how to do it....of course you could go coords bu... (by supperpiccle)
by mekki
hi, i do create a menue function that should generate separate .txt files for users. commands like ...
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Moving a void to a .cpp file
I'm apologizing in advance for the long code. I'm trying to move a void to another file (for organi...
[4 replies] Last: When you declare an array the size must be known. here BRICKS is not k... (by Peter87)
Why wont nothrow work?
#include <new> using namespace std; int main () { int i,n; int * p; cout << "How many...
[3 replies] Last: 3000000000000 is probably more than int can store. Add some error chec... (by Peter87)
id returned 1 exit staus. ...?
i hae no idea whats wrong. the next two parts are also part of the program. when i put the loops aft...
[14 replies] Last: Yeah, i've been doing some reading of the downloadable pdf tutorial on... (by SatsumaBenji)
Basic applications to practice?
Hi all, just wondering what would be some programs I could create to practice my c++. So far I have...
[2 replies] Last: IMO: international math olympiad ? :o (by gelatine)
sting counting ?how?
Im trying to teach myself string but i cant get anything to display. how to you take a string an...
[2 replies] Last: Hey thank you for your help...I can take this and learn from it. (by kmilnedc)
by Ch1156
Slowly showing words on the screen
I was wondering how to slowly show words on the screen, like in video games when there is text on th...
[2 replies] Last: make sure you include windows.h for(int i = 0;i < NUM_WORDS;i++) { ... (by Need4Sleep)
a basic problem
include <iostream> using namespace std; class Man{ public: Man(int id){m_id = id; cout <...
[2 replies] Last: on line 16 you set 'a' equal to a different value, the line creates a ... (by Need4Sleep)
Hiding letters in guessing game
I'm working on a program to hide letters for a guessing game. The puzzle is read from a file to sele...
[1 reply] : You're trying to solve everything with global variables which is bad. ... (by coder777)
by codder
float bug?
hello, void foo(int dir) { if (dir == 0) { gFloat -= 0.1f; if (gFloat <= 0.f) g...
[3 replies] Last: Think about it, how would you go about storing anything that doesn't h... (by BlackSheep)
counters program wanna see if on right track
this program should be able to Given a file of text, assume that a "word" is 1 or more consecutiv...
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by leeto
Sum function between two containers
I need to create function Sum() that calculates sum between two containers. Code below work fine exc...
[1 reply] : Your trying to pass a type to the function but need an object like... ... (by naraku9333)
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