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by alan91
Program that analyse collection of N numbers
How to write a program that will find the smallest, the largest, and sum of squares values in a coll...
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Using Arrays
So I'm making a sample Payroll Program to learn how to use C++ and I wanted to be able to input the ...
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by RayZ
Link Error raised when using string pointer...
I am new to the standard class string and pointer. What I am trying to do is using a string pointer ...
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Is this the right way to invision pointers?
//increase is a function that takes in data, a pointer to something, as well as the size of the //...
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Arrays with variables
Hey there guys, I have a problem with a program i am making. I will show you the basic problem. ...
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Clearing the console window?
So I've started making a console based calculator that has secret functions and lots of other cool s...
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by uhh
Greatest to least problem
What is wrong with it? It is not outputting in the correct order. #include <iostream> // libra...
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encoder not encoding a sentence
my encoder will not encode anything after it sees a space I used the getline function but that doe...
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Help with pointers to functions
I'm trying to wrap my brain around pointers to functions. In the following code, I'm having derefere...
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template help
im getting these strange errors when trying to learn templates, i appreciate any help. ERRORS: ...
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Reading from a file
Im fairly new to C++ and am currently in class. The homework problem i've been given says to downloa...
[1 reply] : That for loop is going to add num into your sum num times, when you on... (by Zhuge)
What are Templates, Macros, and Namespaces?
I see this word a lot mentioned in some amateur books I've been reading and recently someone said to...
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List of Topics/Techniques Important to C++ programming
I was wondering if a few people with a lot of experience with C++, including maybe some practical re...
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by Naureg
Pass by reference vs pass by value
Is it more memory efficient to pass by reference than by value? (given the fact that pass by value u...
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by neomar
Simple parsing & identifying token
I'm a novice to the C++ platform. For my class assignment I need a solution of "Parsing token" me...
[1 reply] : As far as C goes, strtok() doesn't look too bad: http://www.cplusplus.... (by Lowest0ne)
Still there is an error.......Not Sure what the problem
Ok, I am still getting an error on this code. Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol ...
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int *p; p=NULL; cout<<"p :"<<p<<endl; char *q; q=0; cout<<"q: "<<q<<endl; string *t; t=NU...
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program errors
I'm trying to make a program to allow a user to enter the number of items and then the cost of each ...
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Using find algorithm to identify array cell
Hi guys I currently have a program with the following string: string keyboard="qwertyuiopasdfghjk...
[4 replies] Last: didn't know there was a find in string as well -.- thank you, i will g... (by fuerchter)
by Vivec
Too many lines?
Hello everyone! Just started learning C++ and thought i`d have a go at a vending machine. Alth...
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