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Question: Incrementing Program
First things first, here's the code: #include "std_lib_facilities.h" int main(){ int a = ...
[3 replies] Last: WOW! Great help! I'm trying to only use the tools I currently understa... (by InclinedToFall)
Working with 2d arrays
I've been coding for a little over a month now and I have decided to give 2d arrays out. One thing I...
[4 replies] Last: @gobiking Here's a small program, showing how to assign values to the... (by whitenite1)
Vector quicksort not work!! HELP!!!
Write your question here. The program can be runned successfully but quicksort seems not work. I ...
[3 replies] Last: THX!!!!! It's work now!!!! I will leave a negative comment at the end ... (by stupidgenius)
Quick Q: How to square numbers???
So I tried "square()" with no luck. My compiler (Dev-C++) spit it back at me like a nasty biscuit. A...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both. (by InclinedToFall)
how to use "logic_error"?
I have very little knowledge about this subject so do not judge me. Can somebody explain me why we ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for your answer. So I will have to say. void Class::writ... (by FlyingTr)
Baseball Program
oh god whats wrong #include <iostream> using namespace std; int firstInning(); int nextIn...
[2 replies] Last: Have you ever tried using the "switch" method instead of using else-if... (by InclinedToFall)
getaddress methode
Hi. I got a question. I'm trying to make a methode witch gets me the value of my input key from my m...
[2 replies] Last: i thought of a method called GetAddress. the function should search th... (by YumiFerrari)
by ZeHgS
Linker error when defining function
Hello! I have a class with a few functions, but I am getting a weird linker error whenever I try ...
[2 replies] Last: Anyone? (by ZeHgS)
Class function not behaving as I wanted
Thanks for reading my question. Working in C++ and on Visual Studio 2010. I am writing a DnD roster...
[4 replies] Last: I have the struct header declared inside the class. Moving it outside... (by Dimmins)
C++ string functions
Write a program that reads a string and outputs the number of times each lowercase vowel appears in ...
[6 replies] Last: Oh... Lemme try that... (by Sagnik Mukherjee)
[8 replies] Last: I do not see the necessity to use the vector in your code. It would be... (by vlad from moscow)
Prime number generator giving bad output
Hi everybody! I was the "Prime Number Generator" from SPOJ(Sphere Online judge) (Link here: http:/...
[6 replies] Last: It works now! Final Code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; ... (by ishandassharma)
iterating over a 2d vector
Ok so i managed to learn d...then now how to create 2d..fantastic..i can easily move up...
[4 replies] Last: If you understand a 1 dimensional vector, then it shouldn't be that mu... (by cire)
Why am i getting a syntax error
Im trying to start using dev-c++. Im using C language. I keep getting an error message "syntax error...
[3 replies] Last: I figured it out. Thank you (by nolannpm)
parameterless constructer hypothetical
A sample problem I've become stuck on.... Sally The Programmer is working to improve a class ca...
[3 replies] Last: I do not know.:) Ask your professor. (by vlad from moscow)
Sorting numbers (file sorting)
Hey guys!! Got a problem I can't solve. I have a table with data in it. To sort these i need the ...
[4 replies] Last: try this sorting (bubble sort) for strings creating an array of string... (by Albo Coder)
help on min and max(debugging)
cant seem to figure out whats missing #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main()...
[9 replies] Last: NP... I guess It is solved... (by Albo Coder)
by soori
function overloadin or template functions which is better
which is better function overloading or template functions..?pls help..
[2 replies] Last: it was an interview question ...even i was not sure i just told them t... (by soori)
by tip791
Breadth First Search - marking problem
I'm not really having a coding issue or compiling problem . I am having more or less a design choice...
[6 replies] Last: Yes, either directly or indirectly. The simplest recursive versions ju... (by JLBorges)
by piczim
My Program wont run on another machine
I have written and tested my code and its running on my machine I then save it as an executable f...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you I will try this and advise accordingly (by piczim)
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