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Extremely beginner c++ issue
Hey guys, so I recently (like about 2 hours before making this post) started with c++. I am either b...
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At what point should I start learning OpenGL?
So I have recently started to learn C++ and I have got all of the basics down (Arrays, Variables, Co...
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by xpg94
"Dungeon crawl" game question
Hello everyone. I am wondering why do I get "error:invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'char'"...
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gcc complier
Does gcc complier works with windows( keep mingw out ).
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by TNX744
Fstream reading and writing question.
I know this is a really basic question, but if I wanted to use this code for a ceaser shift: ...
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by etneri
Priming Read Issue
I have this program that is placeing output into an outside text file, and it's working just fine (u...
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Undefined reference error
I am trying to implement an "audio" object that will hold a patient's first name, last name and dob....
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pointers to array (1,2)
Hello everyone. i am new here, and this is even my very first question i am asking here. i have s...
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Converting isometrics coordinates
Hello...i need help to write fuction for convertiog isometrics coordinates to the "real" coordinates...
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Objects in array
So i searched and watched all other threads and didnt find a proper solution. I'm trying to store...
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by nasser
just a beginner
what's the best way to learn C++ for me i'm 17 years old i know until pointers i read this tutoria...
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simple program
"Write a program that keeps prompting user for an integer. Upon an input of 0, the program will show...
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never ending program
So, In a couple of weeks is my brothers birthday, and we always pull a prank on each other on our bi...
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How do i write this??
Write a program consisting of a while loop, that reads the value of a double each time around. Creat...
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Generating two random numbers twice
I am writing a battleship game and I need two random numbers for the location of a ship. But I have ...
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Calculator help
Hi, im a beginner in c++ and i've been trying to do a simple calculator.. but when i try to compile ...
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revised program help
Here is the problem that I have been working on. My program runs without errors, but it never says w...
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constructor in c++
explain describe to each term and example....why? 1)constructors can not be declared as virtual? ...
[1 reply] : what have you got so far...? (by mutexe)
by tdk93
For the following types of input ira ira ( two words separated by a space) i want to store tw...
[1 reply] : stick a breakpoint on line 4 and examine a and b. (by mutexe)
by TNX744
First program structure questions.
I've recently taken a passive/hobby interest in learning programming, and after a (barely) successfu...
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