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neural network c++
Write your question here. please suggest me a good library / toolbox to use neural network in NS. ...
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Very Interesting Question
hey i am begginer and exploring all documentation. i encounter a very interesting thing.. in this pi...
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data structure: (=) assignment operator causes segfault?!
Alright. I have written a class: typedef string newtype; class blabla{ public: //c...
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How much C++ knowledge is required to write a game like CubeWorld?
I'm starting to learn C++ and I was wondering how much knowledge would be required to write an RPG l...
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calling base class func from derived class
if there is a base class has a function "abc()" and a derived class overrides it. How can we call th...
[1 reply] : void my_derived::abc() { my_base::abc(); } (by Jaybob66)
by ivan1
Code for identifying roads on squares
Hi all, I am trying to code up something like this: I have a square with 1 point on each edge (1,...
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by Kyle C
Multiple Constructors
I can't seem to understand why my the code only uses the first constructor. Please help! #inc...
[2 replies] Last: Because you're only using the first constructor (or default construc... (by Olysold)
Arrays and Array parameters
Really stuck on this practice assignment.. The Grader class is keeping track of a set of exam ...
[11 replies] Last: Also does this improve the findBiggest? #include <iostream> #defi... (by Rezivor123)
advice for complete beginner
Hi. I'm a complete beginner to C++ and want some advice for starting out. I intend on teaching mysel...
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Class Array
Really stuck on this practice assignment.. The Grader class is keeping track of a set of exam sc...
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flush and sync
What's the diferen├že between flush and sync()? If with flush i already make a synchronization, why...
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Simple game...not so simple anymore
I've exhausted my personal knowledge and reading of (D.S. Malik: C++ Programming, 6th ed) as to what...
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Grader Class - best and worst scores
Hi, I am new to array and classes, I am working on a homework assignment and have come to a bit of...
[5 replies] Last: I am still stuck on how to set up my addscores in adding scores to an ... (by Rezivor123)
SFML help..
I need help setting up SFML, I have set it up exactly how it says on the sfml website, for code bloc...
[18 replies] Last: Don't use 1.6, use 2.1 (by naraku9333)
How to use TRACE Macro if I don't use MFC
TRACE Macro is a part of the MFC, isn't it? How to use TRACE Macro if I don't use MFC? To d...
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need help debugging character input.
I wrote a program that reads input a word at a time until a lone 'q' entered.The program then repor...
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Statistics of Elements in an array
1) Program a C++ function for big random number generator (bigRand(int mR , int RANGE)) that receiv...
[2 replies] Last: no problem,, just do write the above programs i am saving it to clear ... (by junaidkhan2013)
GetAsyncKeyState: Wrong Returns??
So, I recently emplemented some code that used some other buttons on the keyboard, I used GetAsyncK...
[2 replies] Last: I think you missed the part where p is initialized as false . So, ... (by IWishIKnew)
by Own3D
Problem when user gives answer
Hi there. I am new to this wonderful community! :) I am facing a problem on my code.This is my co...
[2 replies] Last: my work to keep it from going crazy. This is the best link... (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Help with array of structs
Hello all, I am creating a program for a final class project and I have come across an issue. I ...
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