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by pozoJ
Reverse string function
I'm unsure of where to start with this: Write a function void reverse(char str ) that reverses th...
[4 replies] Last: How would this look when complete then? It would look like you had s... (by closed account 48T7M4Gy)
how to extract the extensions entered by an user
the user enters "\.(cpp|h|hpp)" in command line argument. how would i be able to extract all th...
[7 replies] Last: > cuz the project requirements I would like to know the project requir... (by ne555)
by xxvms
Unique_ptr object is destroyed.
Hi there I have wired situation with my object I have created object with unique_ptr, however I w...
[5 replies] Last: Using unique pointers can sometimes cause that kind of errors and it's... (by benhart)
by ntuli
some problems in running cpp functions programs
i am a new in C++, could anyone tell me error on this program.and How can it be fixed #include <i...
[3 replies] Last: As a new to c/c++ I recommend you to take it slow as c can get very co... (by benhart)
by xxvms
Book ID
I am not sure how to deal with one issue with my project. I have library with books (created using ...
[4 replies] Last: i never used map so lets me read about this :) thank you! (by xxvms)
by Faggio
variable was not declared in this scope
compiler give me this error in the while loop: _id,_text,_mapAns was not declared in this scope I d...
[4 replies] Last: About the habit of starting variable names with an underscore: Brian ... (by Enoizat)
Trouble with program
I have some trouble here with the program, my specific problem is that I don't know how to display t...
[7 replies] Last: A couple of the other approaches I suggested - though it's unlikely ei... (by Chervil)
Division Algorithm
Reading through my course book for discrete mathematics. I am trying to put my programming skills in...
[13 replies] Last: vs does not recognize 'and' as a keyword. To make it work #include <... (by coder777)
No idea understanding the logic/ how to complete the program
Hi there, I am having trouble understanding the logic behind this particular program. Here i...
[1 reply] : Your for loop does not access the file at all. Here is some informat... (by gunman353)
by TheArk
[4 replies] Last: Should be lowercase c on line 106. Unrelated, but lines 22 and 56 wil... (by lastchance)
Advice and pointers on soft keyboard for android and possibly windows
I find the software keyboard on my phone difficult to use because of trying to cram so many keys int...
[3 replies] Last: I rarely get to use a laptop/desktop, like less often than once a week... (by DarkLightHitomi)
by GregJ7
App* value vs. App* entity
1. I get an error for the line in the try block. It is: a value of type "App *" cannot be assi...
[5 replies] Last: Something simple like this, perhaps: #include <iostream> struct App... (by JLBorges)
multiple definition of operator<<(std::ostream&, Shape const&)
Shape<-Triangle<-IsoTriangle Here shape and triangle are abstract classes. When I compile ...
[10 replies] Last: Putting the implementation in a source file has the advantage of faste... (by mbozzi)
strings into an array, then display them in reverse order
i completed the code but i cant find where the white space is. #include <iostream> #include <st...
[2 replies] Last: hi Chervil! thank you very much :) now i know that getline can get me ... (by lescarys)
Functions to mesure the time - problem with "clock()" and method "void delay(unsigned long)"
I am coding to measure the time following an "already done program" from a book. This is the on prog...
[1 reply] : Could you explain better what your code should do? Perhaps you could f... (by Enoizat)
can someone give me an advice
i have a stupid question about "do", im a noob in c++ im using borland c++ atm. do { cout<<"\n...
[1 reply] : It's hard to understand the code there, it is incomplete. A couple of... (by Chervil)
C++ simple code, unexpected results
Hello ! My name's AswanSensei, and I'm a beginner in C++. I recently coded the little program undern...
[3 replies] Last: those king of errors occur sometimes when dealing with c++ code. C++ c... (by benhart)
by ams149
undefined reference to function
Write your question here. problem is this code showing undefined reference to decof xora(int,int) ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, It works (by ams149)
I am unable to find my mistake, and i don't know what I am doing incorrectly. I can't get right the ...
[4 replies] Last: Hello lescarys, Your are welcome. Anything else let me know. Andy (by Handy Andy)
Somewhere in one book I was reading about secure coding in C++ with std::string: So I came across...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks JLBorges :) Actually, you are right that this is an example of... (by akash16)
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