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calling arguments
int main() { float hours, rate, wage; void Earnings(float h, float r); cout << "Enter ...
[1 reply] : when this code defines a function called void Earnings No, the fun... (by Athar)
by skarla
tic tac toe. (1,2)
I CREATED this tic tac toe #include<iostream> #include<cstdlib> using namespace std; ch...
[22 replies] Last: thank you for your good words about my program. i am begginer yet,so i... (by skarla)
im a beginner and i need help in game hacking (1,2)
im a beginner hacker, i don't realy care about hacking in to the goverment or other computers or eve...
[28 replies] Last: @CodeMonkey The OP is from California(if we are to trust the informat... (by georgewashere)
Memory allocation confusion in Link List
Consider a very simple Link list prog: What my confusion in below prog is while using malloc to a...
[2 replies] Last: thanks cire, yaa I know that it should not work....but why I am saying... (by access2ajay)
gcc updating libraries
So I'm kinda new to programming. I haven't installed a lot of libraries yet. I built TBB yesterday,...
[1 reply] : Not entirely sure about this - but if the library files have .h and .c... (by NwN)
by gali01
Need Help with compiling errors
#include <stdafx.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <windows.h> #include <GL/glut.h> ...
[1 reply] : c-; What is this meant to do? It's wrong. Is it meant to be c--; ? ... (by Moschops)
by Rii
C++/CLI strings
Hello there, I've been wondering if something like typedef String^ string were possible. I've trie...
[6 replies] Last: @coder777: thank you! that discussion was very informative! I'll be mo... (by Rii)
Need help on C++ Functions!
Hi guys, I need help on a task, which deals with functions. I've started on the program itself, ...
[6 replies] Last: From what I know (also new to this), NwN is correct. The reason why y... (by Dan Feerst)
Something's Gone Wrong With Pointers!
I have an encrypter that uses a pointer to read the contents and then edit the value and output and ...
[5 replies] Last: You could do it at the end of the encrypt and decrypt functions, yes. ... (by cire)
by ttimt
C++ Class help
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class A{}; int main() { A Aobj; Aobj.hae(...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah, I think it's only used that way for referencing it in function p... (by MrHutch)
Just a problem with my classes
Well I decided to make my own program that very breifly simulates shooting a gun. The problem is tha...
[4 replies] Last: I see thank you (by DisobeyedCoot)
Trying to understand the \b escape code
So I used the below code to get an output of "Tes": // just playing with escape codes #includ...
[3 replies] Last: Aaahhh. I see. I thought it actually removed text. That makes much ... (by taterpoon)
by maroun
vector problem
Hey all, vec is a vector. I deleted value at vec[i2-1] Shape* r1 vec.erase(vec.begin()...
[2 replies] Last: The value at vec[i2-1] is what was previously at vec , unless there wa... (by cire)
Assigning seats for a flight using 2d arrays and functions
You are the developer for, a company which charters a light aircraft to Capetown from...
[3 replies] Last: Hi there, That code was just an example; what you need is char let... (by NwN)
by blk
Compiling errors.
Hi, I'm working on a little project and I have some compiling errors that I can't fix. This is my c...
[14 replies] Last: Hi there, Maybe it's because of this, not sure though - it depends on... (by NwN)
by Riogho
read file into multiple dimension array
Hello, and thank you for your help :) I am writing a program that will do some math on some data ...
[12 replies] Last: Hi there, As far as I know you would have two options, but I'm sure s... (by NwN)
help plz :)
hi i want to know how i move body in c++ console ?? i'm a beginner in c++ and i want to make ma...
[1 reply] : Hi there, Disch has written an excellent article on this subject (mor... (by NwN)
by Naureg
My 'Tic Tac Toe' program
TicTacToe.h #include <iostream> using namespace std; int turn = 1; class Board { publ...
[2 replies] Last: Aha thanks :D (by Naureg)
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