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by piczim
c code running in windows
I have done a VERY simple currency converter which runs in the command prompt. is it possible to som...
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Help with template classes and error LNK2001
Hi all! I have some error LNK2001s due to this class, but I am not too good with templates: ...
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Need ideas
hello there i need idea/tasks for what to make... i would like something challanging but not to h...
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by anzhit
Pythagorean triplets
i made this program to print pythagorean triplets. it prints each triplet twice how do i modify it s...
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by piczim
Setting decimal places in C program in currency convertor
I need to know if its possible to set the number of decimal places in the below code and if so how? ...
[4 replies] Last: Yes you can use double or float instead of int (by closed account EwCjE3v7)
for loop & array
Write your question here. #include <iostream> using namespace std; # define width 5 # define h...
[1 reply] : In this case the numbers should also repeat five times again because ... (by Disch)
Overloading problem (1,2)
I overloaded the << operator for a time class i started making. The problem is that outputting an o...
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Totally lost :-/
I am to write a program that determine the amount of cloth in square inches needed to make a certain...
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by Andym
opening a file via function
If I am opening an existing txt file via a function, do I need to pass any info from the function to...
[14 replies] Last: Thank you, after thinking about things for a while, I started to think... (by Andym)
Derived class object in base class member function
Hello :) I learn C++ from a book,and now I learn about inheritance. I read this in the book(I try ...
[3 replies] Last: class deriv : public base { deriv(const base& src) : base( src ) {} ... (by vlad from moscow)
hello . i need help in this program A A B A B C A B C D A B C D E A B C D E F plz give me ...
[17 replies] Last: @giblit how about we use floats instead of ints then we will really... (by vlad from moscow)
Hello, with about 40 hours of C++ experience I have decided to jump into DAO/ADO/NET database commun...
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what thread library? I cant install sfml, c++11 threads dont work with mingw and XP and win32 threads are crazy complicated
I dont know what library to link to to get win32api to work with threads either I have been trying f...
[7 replies] Last: Let me check boost again. It's been a while since I got it set up so ... (by Disch)
by senhor
Exercises for Beginners 3
1. Implement a simple "password" system. #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace ...
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default Ctor
why we need default ctor while passing by value. class test{ private: int number; public: ...
[5 replies] Last: Disch, so it is mandatory to have default ctor when we pass object by... (by Disch)
Please review my code.
Hello, so I've being learning C++ on my free time for a few months now and I was wondering how I cou...
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by senhor
Exercises for Beginners 1
Hello, everyone. I am here for sharing exercises with posible solutions with them. If you h...
[19 replies] Last: what i can i use instead of system()? cin.get()? (by senhor)
Syntax problem with "If"
So I have this little function here. I'm using that if to search for a vowel inside the string I'm a...
[3 replies] Last: Working just like heaven, problem solved. :) (by Kosakosida)
Hi there! New question: C++ based tutorials and sites for learning Modern OpenGL? Old question: I...
[9 replies] Last: I don't know labopie, but it fails at installing. And i revised so mu... (by Marc Colome)
by senhor
Exercises for Beginners 2
Write a small calculator that takes as input one of the four arithmetic operations, the two argument...
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