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I want to learn Embeded program
I have been worked for 3years as a window programmer. My most work make serial or TCP/IP progra...
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by mehak
program to list all files of .txt extension
i am trying to list all files in the directory with .txt extension but in vain.please help me with t...
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Compiler Error
This program is supposed to read data from a file and determine whether or not the string is a pangr...
[1 reply] : At line 17 you are not initializing one string, but an array of string... (by Yay295)
Problem with compiler or IDE or OS ?
I have a problem when i try to debug a program sometimes it keeps on debugging forever and the break...
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incorrect loop bug
hello. i am writing an Opengl application that manipulates a cube by rotating all 3 axis's using the...
[1 reply] : found the problem. don't know why i over looked it. i needed else if's... (by dark ninjuh)
Arrays and Functions
Hi, Im having trouble with my C++ assignment and was hoping for some help. I need to create multi...
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GCD the Brute-Force Way
Ok. I already wrote a program to compute the GCD of 2 numbers using Euclid's algorithm, but now I ha...
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Crazy grades
I've been trying to make this work, the text file is called "grades", and this the numbers I'm given...
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by gawndy
Creating a GUI application with c++?
Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to create GUI applications with C++. I heard it was possib...
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Code with multiple functions
Hi there! First off, thank you for taking the time to read/lend a hand with this question. To the lo...
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by Drak
Sort Array Function
So arrays are not my strong point and once again I call upon this forum. The output of the code sho...
[3 replies] Last: This is literally all he gave us to work with. Seems adequate to me... (by jlb)
References and calls between files/classes
Greetings. I would like to know how to "pass" references between classes. Let me write in pseudo...
[8 replies] Last: > The classes have a relation of dependency between them. > Each must ... (by ne555)
problem with bubble sort
Write your question here. #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> using namespace std; int l...
[5 replies] Last: Line 77,93: These functions don't return anything. They should be v... (by AbstractionAnon)
How to draw BST
So we have these numbers and I have to draw a balanced tree and then remove 7 .. so these are the nu...
[2 replies] Last: i got 7 on top, and 3 and -42 as second generation and the rest of the... (by whoovian11)
Computing adjusted BMR (using overloaded function) (1,2)
I'm attempting to compute the adjusted BMR using an overloaded function. The first function correctl...
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problem with pointer
Write your question here. #include<iostream> #include<conio.h> using namespace std; struct...
[4 replies] Last: Line 26. PS. Global variables are naughty, although not a major culpr... (by keskiverto)
Applying callback to call gsl_integration
I am a newbie with c++ and I am trying to modify a code and use gsl_integration library of c in ...
[3 replies] Last: You can initialize a static const without C++11. (by AbstractionAnon)
Question about pointer
Why do we use pointers when we can just directly set the value of a variable to another like in the ...
[5 replies] Last: > Why do we use pointers when we can just directly set the value of a ... (by ne555)
Threading in c++
Hey Bro I want to learn about threading in c++ If you guys plz help how should i start with threa...
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by tem14b
This is not compiling in Xcode, very confused
Xcode gives me errors, and when I fix what it wants me to fix, I get more errors. Currently the erro...
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