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by Rogge
Unexplained error
Write a program that reads in a list of integers into an array with base type of int. Provide the fa...
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by arashf
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
I defined the class class sample { public: static const unsigned int d = 5; static const u...
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by Abdo2
Problem >dizzy <me
My Code Used For Change number from(base 2,base 3...To base 9) to give number in base 10=(decimal)...
[10 replies] Last: Take a look at the examples. It's easy enough. (by fg109)
What is WRONG with my function? Loop goes crazy?
This function is having some errors, even when I use "getline" to get the string input from the user...
[1 reply] : Oh I think I found the problem, I was using cin.ignore() in the wrong ... (by Tiger58)
calculate the mortgage rate
Hello, I've been doing this project for my computer science class but there was a problem and I don...
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by tomazi
COnvert negative Point values to Positive Point Values
Hello People I am trying to convert negative point values to positive point values.......I know i ca...
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by aMo38
Make a 3 by 3 array from a .txt file.
Hello, first post. I was just wondering how you create a 3 by 3 array from a ".txt" file. Just imagi...
[7 replies] Last: @cire [quote=aMo38]I believe you would use something along the lines o... (by S G H)
Average numbers loop
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main() { int num; double input...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main... (by Boutsaro)
What command do I use for the SetId member
So here is my assignment: 1. Declare a class named Student that contains a. Three private data m...
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by Jace
Removing dependencies
I've tried to send my friends programs, but when they open them they report an error. When I checked...
[1 reply] : should be msvcp110.dll or something like that, all programs compiled w... (by rcast)
by Jace
Function problem
I don't know where to input a certain file name into the function so that the function searches for...
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Could I have used any pointers to better this program?
If anyone cares to look over it, this is the program: (Well only the header and the class functions ...
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memory allocation and segmentation fault
Hi! I'm new to c++ (and forums), so I have some trouble with the memory management. I have a class M...
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Mortgage calculator. Last steps. Please help due soon
I need my code to display Month but it seems my code is skipping month's and not displaying 1, 2 3...
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by ZeinH
C++ Problem for All Projects!
I Cant Debug Any of my Projects At All It Never adds an .exe file Heres The Output: 1>------ Buil...
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What does this mean????
In my c++ book it says the following: When you are defining a multidimensional array as a paramet...
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How To Open Files By Commands in C++
Like i wanna open File Through C++ Comannds in C:\Users\User\Downloads and stuff like that Please He...
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Best ways to learn C++?
Hey guys. So I have almost no experience with programming. Really my only experience is a few classe...
[2 replies] Last: 1. Read and code. 2. C# and Java are hot right now as far as language... (by IceThatJaw)
Return a value
The error when i try to build my code says, 'createBanner' must return a value. But when i try to p...
[3 replies] Last: It complains because you didn't return anything when the function sign... (by IceThatJaw)
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