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Question about deleting Node by value function.
So I made this function to delete node by value. But if the value of the node that I'm trying to del...
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How does the whole process really work?
Hi! I'm currently on lesson 8 of this C++ tutorial series:
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by Ratzer
Ball stuck in movement
So I am making a game of pong. I just want to make my ball bounce around the screen. I can get it mo...
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by skace
Sine rule problems.
Hello, I am trying to make a program that can use the sine rule to calculate the missing side of a t...
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by Arayil
multiple source files
Hi, I've been seeing people declare a class in a .h file, then define it inside a .cpp file. I thoug...
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by Foxy
Hello, I don't know how to find the sentence with the least number of words, I figure out how to ...
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terminate after std::out_of_range, what erase();
In my code there are three uses of the erase function in my procedures. But I keep getting the follo...
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...stuck on a book problem
This one is from Prof. Horstmann. I just can't put together the idea he has set up as a programming...
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by moot1
can you guys please give me a program idea that will take me a couple of hours to do not simple but ...
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if else / goto substitution
Hello, I am attempting at writing a leisurely program to help me with if / else what i am doing i...
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ending a while loop
For class I need to make a program with a while loop that terminates when the user pushes ctrl d and...
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If Statements
Hi I have worked on a question where you input 3 positive number and the program gives you the middl...
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Dynamically create array named after for loop iterator
Hey so I want to create n arrays (based off user input) of size x (also off user input). The way I w...
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Please help me! I need to create a program with 2dimensional array
I need to write a program that will simulate moving player 'N' on the map. It must occupy the posit...
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Dice Rolling Game with 3 Dices - Assingment
Hi, I know this is a C++ forum and I'm writing code in C, however since C and C++ have similarities ...
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char *str, *str = 'X' error,
char* str = new char ; str = "Hello"; //*(str + 1) = 'a'; // c...
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"&" what it means
I,m a beginner and i saw this on a youtube tutorial. I saw the tutorial to learn more about the void...
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Want to Outsource programming projects through Programmersbyhour - any experiences?
I have been reading about outsourcing programming projects through Programmersbyhour or someone else...
[1 reply] : What do you mean by "outsourcing"? (by SatsumaBenji)
How To Declare A Two Dimensional Array In A Function Prototype.
This is the start of my code for my two dimensional array program. We have to use a two dimensional ...
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Thread safe, cross platform std::localtime()
Hi everyone, I'm in need of a thread safe and cross platform solution for std::localtime() (a way t...
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