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Actually i faced a problem in my assignment .. I don't understand the idea of it .. The Question :: ...
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Return statements (Help)
Hello, Before starting explaining what's my problem, thanks to the website's owner and thanks for h...
[1 reply] : I can hardly understand the return statements, return 0; I can unders... (by Disch)
create file, edit file.
Hello! Just want to let you know that this is my first topic on this forum. I also want to apologiz...
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What's wrong with the following class?
class BadClass { private: int len; char* p; public: CBadClass(const char* str) : p(str), ...
[5 replies] Last: Hi there, In the case of text-strings, use std::string instead of cha... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
Plzz Help
i was trying to write a program that prints out on screen the name of the first student with his av...
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by dinho
Please Help!
Im having this problem with a simple username system: #include <iostream> #include <cstring> u...
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How is this?
I've made a really simple, and I mean so painfully simple game, but it's what I can do right now, af...
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by skace
pow function problems
Hello, I am trying to code a program that uses Pythagoras's Theorem to calculate a missing side on a...
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by Majidh
C++, Vector
need to create a program that accepts an unknown number of integer values which then gets stored in ...
[2 replies] Last: has few errors. when the user inputs "enough" the program has to outpu... (by Majidh)
why the -1 in the positive limit of a range of a type?
Hello i read in some book that the range of: int is: between (2 31 -1) and (-2 31 ) short is: be...
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by Kubani
Why if(!cin.get(ch)) condition does not result true when we enter ctrl+z?
Hello all, In this code I want whenever the use entered the "ctlr+z" whether first or after enter...
[16 replies] Last: When we enter ^Z or ^Zcomputer , the output is the calling of erro... (by Kubani)
what is the function to generate random number
can u please let me know how to do a program of snakes and ladders game in c++
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Need Help in my Binary Tree program
Hello Everyone , Can some one please tell me what is wrong in my program. This is basically a prog...
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inverted triangle
In my C++ class we have to write a program that makes a hollow triangle that looks like this . . . ...
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"Access Violation (Segmentation Fault)" error in Program
Hi, I'm not that new to programming, but I'm not a veteran either. First the specs. OS: Window...
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friend class
how to use friend class in c++ prog.?
[1 reply] : You don't. (by LB)
Inheritance w/read() and write()
Ok I've got most of this working except this one tiny part. I've got a parent class called Employ...
[2 replies] Last: **Slapping forehead** I see my error now. I was calling them wrong. T... (by natekelsey)
Program crashes when running Delete function in doubly linked list
Here is my code. The thing is, when I try to run the deletel(int item)...
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Trinary Search
I am trying to convert a binary search into a trinary search. I have to keep both functions in the p...
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