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Issue with Dynamic Memory and Array
Hey, My code works perfectly for this cash register program that I've made except for the dynamic me...
[5 replies] Last: In line 6 of the snippet in the OP of Register::RingUpSale: GrowArra... (by cire)
josephus problem
here is my code,the main problem is that there is no problem in the compiler but when you input the ...
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Strange intermittent and elusive math error in code
I have aced this C++ course until this module, and i have literally spent 3 days trying to find my e...
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Syntax data greater or less
Which would be less data for the final program: if{ //stuff } or: if { //stuff } ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks so much! This was starting to concern me. (by Retrokin)
Function to delete an element from an array
I'm having trouble deleting strings from an array. The array's max size is 32. Here's my code right ...
[4 replies] Last: Pass current_number by reference. void remove_restaurant(string re... (by LB)
by skace
Errors during calculating answers.
Hello, I am trying to code a program that can solve quadratic equations, calculate the circumference...
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Where do I start?
Ok, a little background. I am a 13 year old guy who's been using Windows computers for 4 years for g...
[8 replies] Last: When I started out, my motive was to see my creation come to life on t... (by MROB)
Reading from txt file into a linked list
I am attempting to read data from a *.txt file into a linked list. The file is set up with 16 diffe...
[1 reply] : I'm also new to linked list. Here's what I think. Line 33. head sho... (by y2krush)
need help with my homework.
I keep getting an error for the following program. I'm not sure what is wrong with it, and keep chan...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you jib... I just changed it to be double profit (int,double,dou... (by nieffed)
fstream problem, please help.
srand((unsigned)time(0)); int random=rand() % 3 + 1; SetConsoleTitle("PotatoOS v1.1...
[1 reply] : try replace readFile<< ""<<input<<""; with readFile<< input<< '\... (by y2krush)
adding while loops
adding while loops how do i fix my code? now i am trying to add a while loop so the prog...
[1 reply] : I would use a do while for this. while (salary <= 0; salary++) /... (by atriumheart)
how do i fix my code
how do i fix my code? now i am trying to add a while loop so the program will only exit if you pu...
[7 replies] Last: while(num > 0) { ... ... } (by atriumheart)
Is there a way to output an exponent in c++? I want to show an output of meters cubed. Any help woul...
[1 reply] : this is a cheap way of making things cubed easily #define cube(a) (a*... (by Spikerocks101)
by Ratzer
Enter and ESC keys
Ok, so what I am trying to do works fine but I can't capture the Enter key and the ESC key. What ...
[1 reply] : What about replacing the 'CR' and 'ESC'? IsKeyDown(ENTER) IsKeyDown(ES... (by y2krush)
Creating several variables in a while loop?
Background: Assignment for my class, create a program that checks the letters of a entered string. ...
[2 replies] Last: I misread the instruction! I managed to figure out a way to do it. Now... (by McFads1)
Dynamic memory question
Hey. I'm trying to write a program, which is supposed to hold pointers to variables. Now, it should ...
[1 reply] : You can not grow an array. You have to create a new one with the desir... (by toum)
How To Pass A Two Dimensional Array To A Function.
For my C++ class I have to write grade book program using a two dimensional array. The grade book wi...
[2 replies] Last: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Thank you!!!! Stupid typos! (by Baumer8993)
BASIC question about classes
What's the error in the follwoing program? #include <iostream> using namespace std; class ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, can you tell me when to put ; at the end of line 6 and 7? (by Rehan FASTian)
Why do I have an infinite loop?
As you can probably tell, programming is not my thing, but unfortunately this class is required. I s...
[1 reply] : I'm gonna attempt to help you. The "reason" that you have an infinite ... (by atriumheart)
by Handar
Custom strcat function using pointers
Hello, and thank you for taking your time to read my post. I'm an Icelandic IT student, currently l...
[2 replies] Last: You're absolutely right, thanks a lot for your help. :) (by Handar)
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