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Working with strings
Hey all I'm trying to get a handle on the string class and how to use it properly. I've written the ...
[1 reply] : string my_string2 ("This", "Doesn't", "work"); // why doesn't this... (by cire)
[Command For Lost Forum]
Some One Asked For a Simple Command Code For TurboC++ Sor Here. Part1/5 #include <iostream.h> #...
[19 replies] Last: @Daleth nice going you noticed. i can simply put a else or a loop if i... (by Ibrahim M)
IF/ELSE not working
Write your question here. I am new at C++ and having problems with this code, it always takes the f...
[5 replies] Last: For future reference, if you want 'not equal' use != (by BradleyHeat)
Majority number in a string problem
Hello guys, I'm trying to make a program where the user inputs a sequence of numbers I.E 1 0 0 3 4 0...
[6 replies] Last: Oh, okay. Fair. Hadn't thought of that. But now I feel like I should h... (by Thumper)
Where are my "getchar()" commands throwing me off?
If the user is to press 'q' or 'Q' then enter to quit, rather than exiting at the first push of ente...
[no replies]
Need help!
I'm doing this project for class and it requires that the variable never hits 1. The variable also e...
[9 replies] Last: int theVariable = 0; char c; do { std::cout << "Variable is equa... (by vlad from moscow)
Help with c++, saving to txt and etc
Hi, I'm quite new to c++, but I am trying to test myself by creating a kind of virtual journal, and ...
[3 replies] Last: How about running through these? (by Zhuge)
can anyone tell me how to split a splayTree without any change in old splayTree???
[1 reply] : Uhh... save a copy? I don't understand what you mean by "to split" a ... (by Catfish4)
Updating a data array using pointers
How can I do for change the value of cars using pointers? I tried the code below, but I cant use poi...
[6 replies] Last: int * i = new int ; int * j = new int ; //You would need to give the... (by AlitCandle)
Binary to Decimal Converter
Having read the preliminary stuff, I understand that you guys do not provide help with homework prob...
[9 replies] Last: As for ignoring white spaces, the book (chapter 4) actually says the ... (by Chervil)
Accelerated C++ - Outdated?
Hello, all! I just recently finished my first year of University. So far, I have spent one semest...
[5 replies] Last: Accelerated C++ is not an outdated book. Like others have written - i... (by closed account ypfz3TCk)
C++ problems
I have a problem, When i run my Program, it tells me to input a name which is what is't meant to do,...
[5 replies] Last: he will have an issue if he types in a first and last name so: getlin... (by gobiking)
by yeki
calling a code
Hi all I have a code that produces two vector called x and y, I want to use these vectors in anoth...
[4 replies] Last: Well, are these two vectors in their own classes as of right now, or e... (by Ispil)
Floating points number
what is the diffrences between regular float data double precision and long double precision and wha...
[1 reply] : float: 24 significant bits of mantissa, 8 bits exponent (by MiiNiPaa)
by Zoo
How to check if input is an operand?
I am trying to find a way to check if an input is an operand. Is it okay if I go: fstream file...
[5 replies] Last: Small comment, there are floating-point numbers such as 12.53 here. Ra... (by Chervil)
What is wrong with this code?
Hey guys, seeing as I've only been programming in C++ for a few weeks, I've looked around the forum ...
[3 replies] Last: Olysold and ar2007 - you guys are stars. Thank you very much! (by taurine14)
Template find()
Is there another way to increment the iterator while still keeping the const of beg? This works fine...
[3 replies] Last: > the 3rd just flies over my head, gonna have to take a look at that c... (by JLBorges)
by Farsox
Baffled by lack of iterations
I would consider myself a beginner to C++. I took a couple of classes in high school that dealt wit...
[3 replies] Last: Nice! I should've remembered that. Thank you to both of you! (by Farsox)
Write your question here. I have no idea how to get the subtotal with the loop. This is still not F...
[3 replies] Last: this works. lack of comments in the source code, but at least it studi... (by ar2007)
ERROR : invalid types ‘double[int]’ for array subscript
Receiving this error "invalid types ‘double ’ for array subscript" on this snippet of code on li...
[6 replies] Last: right on, i thought i had changed that into an array earlier but i mu... (by dhilchie)
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