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dynamic array
I have a quick question. I have a class in which i want to create an array, the size of which is on...
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Mystified by "error: expected unqualified-id before 'using'"?
So, I feel dumb for beating my head against a wall for half an hour on this, so I figured I'd share ...
[1 reply] : You need semicolon after class definition. Also: do not use "using" in... (by MiiNiPaa)
by r0ry
If else statement
Hello just started learning and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here , so here is the proble...
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C-String and String
Write your question here. Hey I know a lot of people talk about the difference between C-String ...
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fundmental data types
Hi i a little confuse about fundmental data types For example what is the diffrence between int an...
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by ishraq
[C PRGM] Get only words from string
Hello My assignment is to read input file containing a paragraph and store words only in array. I...
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by ishraq
Counting number of elements for each row
Hello. I have the following text file: 54 164.3 201.6 226.7 63.4 71.2 210.2 94.8 147.7 47...
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As you could understand from the title, I'm really a novice in this programming environment. I'd lik...
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question interpreting ISO/IEC
I am trying to extract words from a text file and only want to get characters in the range between !...
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How do I call functions?
I am a very beginner. I am self taught and learning as I go. My question is after I create the funct...
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cin/cout Undeclared (1,2)
I'll admit I don't have TOO much experience with coding, but I've never seen this error before. It t...
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I need help in understanding a function in the code
I have this code that I need help in understanding how the function in the program knows the lowest ...
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number guessing game help
when I run my code it wont show the higher or lower part after 2 guesses any help would be appreciat...
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Redeclared class?
Hi, I have this code as shown: /* * The Amazing Journey * main.cpp */ #include <cst...
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Interesting issue with 2d array?
I was bored and made a tic-tac-toe game, and used a 2d char array to make the map. I originally had ...
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by Daleth
What exactly happens with a lambda expression
Every tutorial I've read about lambda functions basically state the following from http://www.cplusp...
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i want a really long decimal
Write your question here. hiiii everyone! so im making this program which calculates out the taylor...
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Need Help With 2D Arrays
hey guys, I'm trying to solve the following problem set
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Sorting Numbers In Descending Order Gone Wrong
Hello everyone! My name is Emil, I'm a novice programmer, and I started watching educational Yo...
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