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Could use a little help dealing with \n
The programs used to translate piglatin. It reads in the first half the word using a getline until t...
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String Erase
I'm trying to write a function that will cut off the last two letters of 1 word and then add the rem...
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Program won't compile with structures
My program wont compile and its giving me a lot weird errors. The program is supposed to take occupa...
[3 replies] Last: The lines in your posted code don't seem to match those in the compile... (by TheIdeasMan)
Utter Newbie Needs Help =)
Hello everyone! I'm totally new to C++, my only experience with programming being 13 years ago in...
[12 replies] Last: I meant the number for the insult I know what switches are and whoops ... (by giblit)
String subscript out of range?
Hello, I am a beginner at C++ and I decided to make a translator-type of program that basically take...
[1 reply] : // you can access the individual characters of a string using string_... (by Chervil)
Declaring and Implementing
Declare and Implement a Default Constructor for class Date Declare and Implement a Copy Constructor...
[3 replies] Last: Was there a question there somewhere? Please be specific about what yo... (by Daleth)
by lmsmi1
Best form for object data?
I have some OBJ files to import into my freeGLUT program. The game is like minecraft, so simple pixe...
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by giblit
Problem with changing character via multiplying
Why is it that everything works with characters except multiplication (well multiplication works if ...
[3 replies] Last: I guess I can try and make an object that will contain all of the unic... (by giblit)
Cout Bus Error
I do not contain my entire code, because of privacy reasons and personal requests. Problem on "cout ...
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by stdeez
LinkedList/operator overload problem?
operator overload function (written for class point2d) const point2d& point2d::operator =(co...
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Did I do this correctly?
Modify the following code to: Declare class A to be a friend of class B. Declare function double ...
[2 replies] Last: friend double compute (A& data) so this is the correct format? for ... (by njabbour)
Output of Code
Does anyone know what the output of this code is? #include <iostream> using namespace std; ...
[8 replies] Last: Modify the following code to: Declare class A to be a friend of class... (by njabbour)
Passing Values
Hi, does anyone know how i can pass the values that have been entered in the the arrayEntry() functi...
[1 reply] : Never mind, just worked it out lol it's return nArray ; cheers!... (by royal1664)
by paxap
C++ for loop help
I'm trying to get a for loop that prompts for grades 1-5, but for some reason it starts at grade #6 ...
[7 replies] Last: My mistake. Updated. Thanks for correcting me! (by trojansdestroy)
need explanation
Can someone explain why the two functions act differently? From my point of view they are the same b...
[8 replies] Last: Sorry about that :) (by Bourgond Aries)
Help with strings and functions
I need help using a function to determine the first and last names shown in alphabetical order so f...
[1 reply] : You should try the "sort" function declared in the algorithm header. D... (by Bourgond Aries)
Help with functions
this is a code to see if the number entered is an armstrong or not for example 371 is armstrong bec...
[2 replies] Last: thankss man.. !!! (by elmoro15)
pointer and Class help
These are the class specifications Class Name: IntVector Public Attributes: N...
[2 replies] Last: Probably seems neat because the class definition might have been provi... (by Daleth)
Need Help
Hey I'm just starting to understand C++. I'm doing a problem for my class and I can't finish the pro...
[2 replies] Last: It worked!! :D Thanks so much. I knew it was a easy problem lol xD (by gamestoper15)
Writing a Three Function Program with String Array -- Crashing
This is my third attempt rewriting it in hoping to avoid whatever's making the code crash. My book d...
[7 replies] Last: I have no idea why I changed that... how weird/silly of me. Thank you ... (by macsheeh)
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