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printing three dimensional array
Hello, I am attempting to print a three dimensional array, the expected format would be cutting slic...
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A Reservation, Explain what happen at the choice F
int main() { string userName; string userPassword; int loginAttempt = 0; boo...
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by GonlyG
substring (x-3, x) not working in program
I have a program that simulates a "travel game" where each person's travel itinerary is given with 3...
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by wuwy
How do I stop this program if it achieves it's objective
Basically we got rover and its movement is coded with number 1-4 ( 1 = x+1, y+1 and 2 = x+1, y-1 and...
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by m2020
Problem with using DLIB (Neural Network)
Consider a function with 200 inputs and 150 outputs, so it is a very complex function and i want to ...
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Looking for Challenges.
Hello guys, I'm considered as a beginner and i've been watching youtube tutorials. By little by l...
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Adding Unique Items to Map & Counting Duplicates
I have an unordered_map like so: std::unordered_map<std::string, int> materialToAmount; // ^ Exam...
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SFML Button Class HELP!
I was wondering if there would be any way to help me make a class for all of my buttons. Every sprit...
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by colt
Possible problem with operator overloading in c++
Hello I have this line of code: specular_color += light_intensity * std::pow (std::max(0.f,refle...
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by ghopoz
protect my win app from recording
I have win app (c++ or c#) . I want not capturing my app window . I use specific graphic and afraid ...
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by sturk
C++ converting to std::vector
Hi, I need help in converting my arrays to std::vector in the class polygon as I am facing a memory ...
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Templates and classes
Sorry if the title is misleading, as wasnt sure how to correctly name the question I have. Im wor...
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Very easy begginer question
Why is my int i equal to the asci code of A, B,C... instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 like i had set it to ...
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by sparki
Output duplicates from ostream operator
How do I get rid of the duplicates in the output below? Center and axis have duplicate points in the...
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by aligh
Difference and relation between char * and char * []
I'm having trouble to understand the difference between the following two types: char * name {"...
[9 replies] Last: They both generate data in memory, {h,e,l,l,o,/0}. The fundamental dif... (by divya123divya)
by Qikee
help what to do with std::map , std::isalnum
I got some tips to use std::map , std:isalnum. But I dont know how to use them can anyone help me an...
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Question about heap memory in class
Hi all, I have used Node* new() inside my List class. How can I delete it inside the Node class its...
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by kenken
File I/O beginner
Hello guys. I am learn c++ on my own so i have quite a few questions. I appreciate all the helps fro...
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Expected a Declaration Line 91
Expected a Declaration Line 73* its 73 when I paste it here Where did I miss a declare/return0; It i...
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Very simple C++ help NEEEDED PLZ
Im a freshman in college and am taking ITP100 and this is our first assignment so i want to get it r...
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