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Programming Isola(Game) -PLease help with errors!!
Heres what I have so far: bool valid_location(string location) // checks to make sure the strin...
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Inheritance + Arrays
Hi! I've made my program running, but as soon as I try to create my object, it crashes. It looks s...
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SegFault Problem
In my computer science class, we were to take the following .txt file and arrange it so that it take...
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java to c++ conversion
Someone please help me with this code its in java and I only know c++ please convert this for me or ...
[1 reply] : This is trivial even if you've never dealed with Java. You hardly need... (by Athar)
Calling functions
When I run the programme and Select Option B then A it does not call the function member_dimensions(...
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Shutdown using code ?
How to shut down windows using a c++ program ...? (i.e. a program that ,when executed shuts down th...
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function vs macro
What is the difference between an inline function and a macro.What I know is both of them expand and...
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getting entire line to read from a file.
Hello, I have a program I am trying to run that allows me to read in a question from a file and then...
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G++ error undefined reference
this is the second time i have had this issue when passing values to and from my functions so i am c...
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logical error entering while
I am attempting to enter a while loop but for some reason my logic is off. It enters the loop exact...
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Is there a way to get a list of class members programmatically?
Is there a way to get a list of class members programmatically?
[1 reply] : No. (by firedraco)
by sirc89
#include <fstream> // for ifstream #include <iostream> // for cin, cout and cerr #include <string...
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by sirc89
Structures(struct) as Function Arguments
Okay I need help completing this assignment: **************************************************...
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by SCozzi
Taking numbers from txt storing as int
Hey guys, I've been looking around for a while and can't seem to find anything useful. I'm trying to...
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Nobody wants to help?
Been playing around with it, I got the errors to go away but my if else statements aren't working co...
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making a void function to reverse the order of a .txt file input by the user
how do you use a void function to reverse the order of a .txt file then print it out? I just need t...
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Question meaning
As this just a exercise question just want to get some understanding Create a template of func...
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by butlej
How to create Nested Loop *REALLY NEED HELP*
Hey guys, I'm a uni student new to programming so I only know the basics. Basically I have to create...
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Learning Arrays
I need help with the loop of my array program. The point of the program is to ask a user for a certa...
[7 replies] Last: you only check 2 elements there, not the whole array also you dont che... (by Darkmaster)
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