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Image posterization resembling Obama's Hope Campaign
In my computer science 120 course, our professor gave us a project in which we have to render an ima...
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Cannot access public constant member variable in main
Hello everyone, My code is something like this: class Base { ... } class Derived : public Base ...
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by Dery
Can you help me about flowcharts?
Hello, Can someone send a tutorial/or explain how to create flowchart?
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using arrays to store and retrieve multiple info from file HELP NEEDED PLEASE! :(
the program does not sort all the information into its respective variable array. and for some reaso...
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by landog
reference class object within a class
This doesn't seem to work, it gives an error "incomplete type not allowed": class Joe { int...
[6 replies] Last: To go back to the original question - the definition of Joe is incompl... (by MikeyBoy)
Pointer function to member function of pointer to class
Hello all! I have been experimenting with function pointers, and have run into a problem. I was plan...
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no of lines in file..
I need a program in c++ that counts the number of lines in a given text file... idk how to even b...
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How do i find the average???? please help
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { int mn,mx; const int Numb = 10; int ...
[11 replies] Last: Im getting a redicously big number. Scorpic's code should work. Unl... (by Catfish3)
by r11692
Can someone help? I did write up a code, but my teacher doesnt like the way I went about the progra...
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classes and inheritance, aggregation and composition
You are required to give C++ implementation of following classes: 1. PropertyPortal 2. PropertyTy...
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Help creating class objects (1,2)
The code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Row { public: int nLength; R...
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by lyla
I can't get the it to output correctly! Please help
When it compiles I am able to enter the name but not the GPA or Major. It skips over them so that th...
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Appending char arrays
I have a 2d char array of 10 rows * 10 columns, which I would like to put into a 1d char array. I ne...
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debugger question and BST
Which of the following is the correct statement if you want to compile a program but debug it using...
[4 replies] Last: all provided me the code. actually i know how to do for the binary sea... (by Felicia123)
C++ Books?
Hey guys, I dont really know if theres anywhere else to post this on this forum but could anyone rec...
[6 replies] Last: The book named "How to think like a computer scientist Allen B. Downey... (by Joalyimo)
WTF with this if( many strcmp() ) not working
What is the problem with this code: PROCESSENTRY32 pEntry; HANDLE pSnap; pSnap = CreateTo...
[4 replies] Last: How about this? Does this work? if((strcmp(ExeName, szExE) != 0) || (... (by Moschops)
Classes and Objects help
A question says I need to design a class called Length. The class should store the length for a stri...
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ending program with escape..?
Okay so in my program, in different menus, rather than putting an option to exit, what I wanna do ...
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do you know of a good C++ windows api used in conjunction with codeblocks
i got me 32 bit windows, and i know nada apart from everywhere i look is visual studio which i heard...
[11 replies] Last: ahhh qt :D the hell is a toolkit when its at home? installed though an... (by devonrevenge)
are their any fun beginner exercices with c++/net or do you first need a good understanding of the net
i would love to expand computer programing into the internet, im not at all familiar with unix yet o...
[10 replies] Last: can someone give me an example of c++ code that looks for hardware? i ... (by devonrevenge)
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