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this is just part of a program which will count the occurrences of characters in a word. im trying t...
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Two questions. The first one is that the program can run, but it cannot show the result. The second one shows the error.
Program 1 needs to create an array to save the number of students(column) and the number of exams(ro...
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by davef
Another word count problem
I have to write a program that counts the words in a *.txt file. So far I've been able to figure out...
[1 reply] : Got it working. I used the isspace() function to count the spaces an... (by davef)
Need a little help
Am new to programming and was facing a problem. This is not the code I was having trouble with but ...
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by ivan1
2d array element change
I have 2d array (10x12), and they have 0 and 1s in them. I want to count the 1s in each array and I ...
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by h4ever
binder2nd produces errors
This code I have from an article from 2001 and it produces errors. Can you help to make working? st...
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by layanM
help me quick plzzz
i have to write a program that says whether the number i enter is Naracissistic or not. i wrote th...
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Error Checking in Program Help
Hey guys, Have a program that I've been working on that is supposed to check whether a user inputs ...
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Function to make unique string array
Hi all, I am working in Visual Studio 2010 (on Windows) and am near the end of my first C++ class...
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by hilft
Bool + array question. need quick help!
Can someone explain step by step what is going on in the code below to get the output "false" ? ...
[3 replies] Last: On line 6, false & true means "false and true", which evaluates to f... (by ats15)
by hilft
Struct question
why is s.c.a outputting the number 3? why is s.c.b outputting the number 4? can someone explain ...
[2 replies] Last: 1 is for int a, 2 is for char b, 3 is for float c.a, and 4 is for int ... (by ats15)
Functions like in Java
Hello! I'm trying to do "Java functions in C++". (I dont need OOP this time.) I've made an prototy...
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by mifum
stringstream how to use and read documentation
Hi all, as introduced before, I am a beginner about C++. I'm studing this tutorial http://www.cplus...
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main() calling itself
I keep on reading that main() is not allowed to call itself, yet the following code works for me: ...
[1 reply] : This sums it up nicely: (by long double main)
by h4ever
error std::ostream_iterator undeclared identifier
Can you help with this error? line 31: error C2065: 'ostream_iterator' : undeclared identifier line...
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by ivan1
2d array call in function reading 1d array
Hi all, I have the following code: int array = { {1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}, {1,0...
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Function needed
i wrote this code that takes members info ( name , company , mobile ) and sorts this info. i ne...
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Help about my first program
Im using a book C++ for 21 day and im having troubles about my first program. #include <ios...
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Its not good coding if you use goto but why in my project i used goto plenty of times it has only ma...
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