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Can someone give me an opinion on this code?
Hello! Yesterday when I was in a lecture of num. methods.My Professor said that programing is basic...
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Sorry to bug you all but I need some advise
I'm not sure if it's me but evertime I step away from c++ I keep forgetting, or worse going backward...
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by kannu
please help me to fix this project showing lnk 2005 error on visual studio 2017
#pragma once #include <iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; const int MAXPARKINGS...
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Reading data from file and performing matrix multiplication
hii.. i am new to c++ am trying to perform a matrix multiplication taking data from a file.But am un...
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class Piece For Critique
This is not a question problem. More of a solved code that I would appreciate advice on. I do alr...
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Changing console output without reprinting ?
I'm making c++ labyrinth game and ı wonder if is there any way to changing console output without s...
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by Mapu0o
Shooting competition
Hello people! I need help with an exam task that I can not handle ... I'm new to programming and I h...
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Help with Testing code and correct output
Hello, Could you help me with getting this code to work with free online compilers for testing pu...
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Creating a TV Scheduler for Promotions between time breaks
Hi all! Im relatively new in c++. I work at a TV provider and will soon start scheduling promos (be...
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by Hanske
Classes output
Hello, I am learning about classes and would like to understand line for line what is actually ha...
[1 reply] : See: Constructors (by Chervil)
by agill
Searching a 2d array and printing results
Hello! I have a four digit number that I need to search an array for and print a string of words....
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Double-linked list shaker sort
Hi everybody. I'm havin problems with an assignment where I have to sort a randomly generated doubl...
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std out of range?
hi i am fairly new to C++ and i am making a program that encrypts and decrypts messages with a cyph...
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help me about declaring vairable faster and not dublicate
i have many functions in main()...but i just want 2 special functions which use the same vairables w...
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fstream: How to take a float from ifstream and do math problems with it
I need to take a number from an ifstream inputFile, add or subtract (depending on what the user want...
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Reading in Names and grades
I am trying to read in a file and read out its contents to another. I have 3 categories to fit the g...
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How to print 3 values per line
My program reads 366 lines of data from a file, each line has 2 values; minimum temperature and maxi...
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wxwidgets not compiling
Hi guys the questiosn been asked before but seems to be differen in my case I have now been at this ...
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by Chaost
Starting out with modding
I want to get started in modding games, and I've found a game I'd like to try modding slightly. The ...
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adding components to panel or window
hi guys I'm just playing around with wxwidgets,I'm trying to add a button to my frame,I have somethi...
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