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by ebba
Passing struct to function (homework)
Hello :) We're learning structs in my c++ class, and I'm having some issues with this program. ...
[4 replies] Last: It works! Thanks so much guys. anything else incorrect please feel fre... (by ebba)
Changing the CHAR status of the correct person.
Let's say the user wants the first 2 people infected from each island. Right now, this code prints o...
[1 reply] : Lines 50-51: You have a memory leak here. Line 51 makes the Person t... (by AbstractionAnon)
Prime Number's order problem
Hello everyone, i have a problem regarding this code: #include <iostream> using namespace s...
[5 replies] Last: Anyways, i managed to fix my problem with another code, which is this ... (by CosminPerRam)
c plus plus strings for loops and if statements.
I am working on a project where you make a txt file and you are suppose to print out 10 lines. If on...
[2 replies] Last: Hello Jaggy1997, PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting butto... (by Handy Andy)
Number Sort (1,2)
I'm not really sure how to fix this, and I'm also not sure how to add a section that counts how many...
[36 replies] Last: Hello Spiderman30, First I will apologize for defining the original a... (by Handy Andy)
How can i link graphics.h to visual studio 2017?
[1 reply] : You can't since it's not part of VS. Maybe you can try https://githu... (by Thomas1965)
Having trouble coming up with code for 30-day calendar grid in c++
Hello all, I am a beginner in c++ and started about 2 months ago. I am currently working on a pro...
[1 reply] : had posted following program about a year ago, see if it helps: http:... (by gunnerfunner)
rock paper scissors with loop
How can I easily display what the computer chose and what the user chose in words? i.e. rock paper o...
[1 reply] : Instead of if-else statements you can use a lookup table. Maybe you wa... (by Thomas1965)
help with ofstream
Hi all! I have been trying to correctly run the program since yesterday evening but still no progres...
[9 replies] Last: What is intriguing is reversing return values of sortcheck() . Thi... (by Chervil)
assigning values from vector elements to a string
Hi big rookie here. Im currently tasked with making a wordsearch solving program. The user is to e...
[1 reply] : On the main diagonal j=i. On any other diagonal j is a linear function... (by lastchance)
if/else and switch
trying to make a fun little random selection program for family game night. I want to use 2 choices:...
[14 replies] Last: The coinToss() and dieRoll() functions can be called from within the s... (by EtDecius)
Program just gives a black screen
I am having trouble getting the program to do anything. I know it will not run here because of ncur...
[2 replies] Last: The problem I think is with my function calls (maybe the Fill() funct... (by cire)
input check help
New to c++, i'm sure that will be obvious when you look at my code. Writing a Tic Tac Toe program ...
[5 replies] Last: Try this, I changed you for loop to a while loop and changed the way y... (by jrw)
Feed back on using Functions
I want to get some feedback on your thoughts about passing values to a function that don't really "c...
[1 reply] : Hi, Consider writing the functions using a bool argument. That way ... (by TheIdeasMan)
Polymorphism methods
class Shape { public: void draw() const {cout<<"draw shape"<<endl;} }; class P...
[6 replies] Last: so long as the array type is Shape, will all methods called be from S... (by AbstractionAnon)
Payroll Program Time-and-a-half Struggle
I am pretty new to programming and am attempting to write my first program in one of my college clas...
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Gaussian elimination
Hi guys, Ok so the excercise I'm having trouble with is a Gaussian Elimination. So I'm given a m...
[5 replies] Last: I hope that you have been doing Gaussian elimination on a COPY of A a... (by lekfanda)
making real world applications
Hi guys so I have been doing the stuff such as reverse a string,find a palindrome,tic tac toe and o...
[2 replies] Last: With 2 years of study, you probably already know everything you need. ... (by mbozzi)
decltype question
I've copied this snippet of code from a new C++ book, "Learning C++ Functional Programming" by Anggo...
[7 replies] Last: why do I have to initialise decltype((x->d)) d2 Because the type ... (by mbozzi)
by Delcho
Lenght of int type
Hello, can someone one tell me what is the easiest way to find the length of int type?
[11 replies] Last: I was close to posting this solution earlier. cout << ceil(log10(a ... (by Peter87)
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