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problem solving
Q: Write functions in C++ to insert (push) element into a dynamically allocated stack in ascending o...
[1 reply] : you can change int to whatever "element" might be. std::stack<int>*... (by jonnin)
by Zaq
snakeBite() function is not displaying anything?
Hey there, i'm relatively new and do use practices that are frowned upon since i'm still green to co...
[5 replies] Last: @Zaq Also, that hp = snakebite(hp). Should I place this where I'm ca... (by whitenite1)
by jg943
Read Access Violation error, c++ on Visual Studio 2015
Hi there, as part of a project at my first year of university, we have been tasked with making a bas...
[3 replies] Last: Line 5: This is a function call. It needs a pair of (). case 1: cu... (by AbstractionAnon)
Finding in CSV
I am writing a code that will find items in a csv file. One way is through finding the name and disp...
[1 reply] : I am writing a code that will find items in a csv file. Perhaps you ... (by jlb)
very simple program crashes
just using a swap function to swap a string but the program crashes I can't see where and why the pr...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks guys I never knew that yeah would be a better idea to use std:... (by adam2016)
does it make difference order of include headers?
in VS studio 2017 when i change order of include headers like this: #include "gplib.h" #include ...
[1 reply] : Hello gpapashvili, Welcome to the forum. Yes, sometimes it does make... (by Handy Andy)
by agill
Can I call a class using a variable?
I want my code to call a class but I need part of the class name to come from a variable. i.e. class...
[5 replies] Last: Hello agill, Line 19 std::string g etInfo(); . Line 24 std::strin... (by Handy Andy)
Any suggestions on what could cause this?
I'm working on a project that's the final part of something some of you tried to help me with last w...
[2 replies] Last: Hello Living4God1991, Before I made the last post the program ran the... (by Handy Andy)
by sambix
Help with functions assignment
On line 28, I keep getting an error message saying "uninitialized variable b and c" What am I doing ...
[1 reply] : Line 26 cin >> a, b, c; should read cin >> a >> b >> c; ... (by Chervil)
What am I doing wrong;
OK dont' punish me to bad on my code, but I was trying to pass a calculation through a program defin...
[1 reply] : You can't calculate the average before you have the numbers. (by Peter87)
I get an error on following code which should compare 2 arrays struct file_change(*file_infos){ ...
[1 reply] : First, please use code tags when posting code. See http://www.cplusplu... (by keskiverto)
why will derived class function get called?
Hi guys when studying about references I came across some code that just confuses the day lights out...
[1 reply] : Why not? The object is a D. (by keskiverto)
Why are dynamic 2d arrays deleted the same way as dynamic 1d array?
Hello! My question is why are dynamic 2d arrays deleted the same way as a dynamic 1d array? I mean...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you again. Though you did open lot of questions for me.I don't t... (by stonedviper)
How to cin>> multiple strings and use them in functions
I'm trying to write code that takes in a list of words from the user until the letter "Q" is entered...
[6 replies] Last: So this is definitely closer but what I ultimately want it to do is pr... (by vazqu133)
by eltoni
First character in a string gets deleted/removed.
Hello everyone, i am very excited to join this community. I am having a bug that i have not been ab...
[4 replies] Last: Awesome thanks a lot. (by eltoni)
basic arrays question
so I'm going to have to ask a very basic question which I am kind of shy to ask since I have been le...
[6 replies] Last: thanks Anon =) (by adam2016)
Function Display Problem
I have a function that displays a seating chart for a flight reservation. Once a seat is booked, the...
[8 replies] Last: Hello ImLovelyS2, Sorry for the delay, but some days some of the post... (by Handy Andy)
Not getting required output composition relation between classes
I want to display the following message: **WebPage default constructor called** **Links d...
[1 reply] : Please do not double post: (by AbstractionAnon)
So, I am going to create a progam that will display the family category using a function. I made a c...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks. (by ParadOx22)
by yukine
Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'long' to 'int'
Hi! So I was trying to create a test for numbers on primeness. But I keep getting a warning (Implici...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks. Dunno how i missed that (by yukine)
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