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by Howlz
Program that counts letter and space occurences from user input
Firstly I need to prompt the user to enter a sentence that contains between 10 to 20 words and it is...
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by Ch1156
Why cant i load my stuff from a file
Ok so i have this code and i cant load my stuff i outputed into my file for use in the other functio...
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Member function
#include "ShippingContainer.h" #include "ManualShippingContainer.h" #include "RFIDShippingContain...
[4 replies] Last: because you have to access it through "ManualShippingContainer". this ... (by chipp)
Need help with my code.
Hello! I have a question about how to make this compile without having any errors occur. It is a hom...
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Text game creator
Hello, I created a text game creator but it does not seem to work. Can somebody explain what is goin...
[4 replies] Last: It worked, just need to clear a bit up. // // main.cpp // Text creat... (by youngcoder13)
Sorting Date mm/dd/yyyy to yyyymmdd
I am trying to read in some stock data from Yahoo and the date comes in this format mm/dd/yyyy. I wa...
[4 replies] Last: To avoid confusion in the future, MM in a format string is typically u... (by helios)
Input validation problem
Hi, I am trying to do a simple if/else input validation but the codes i used only seem to work one w...
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C++ beginner - need help with encapsulation
Hey Everybody I am currently attending a course in c++ programming on a basic level. I received a...
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by DaveL
User-defined function for "for loop"
My program works fine, but I am struggling developing a user-defined function for the for loop. Ever...
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How to made a random card output if the card output like this?
++++++++ +7 ♥+ + + +♥ 7+ ++++++++ so i'm still newbi...
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by FvPJer
syntax and type specification errors
I am getting multiple "missing ';' before '*' , and "type specifier - int assumed" errors on only tw...
[4 replies] Last: @newbieg "On line 16 in vector2.h why is there an & after the vector2?... (by FvPJer)
Help with cin verification and do-while looping
Ok, I'm having a little bit of a hard time here. You see, I was planning to loop until the user ente...
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structure function problem
the programme is nOt compiling ..........the main tension is with functions!!!! have a Look......he...
[1 reply] : Your program got many errors I listed that I remembered 1. u cannot in... (by vichu8888)
program help
have to write this program any help would be greatly appreciated. Part1: Savings and Interest ea...
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Segmentation Fault
I'm currently trying to create a simple program that does basic arithmetic functions on fractions st...
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Verify user input
Hi, I need to verify (in a loop) that a user has input no more than 9 numbers and that it does no...
[1 reply] : 1. Create a array of 9 elements 2. use for loop to store 9 input into ... (by vichu8888)
Help please
Hi! Im a programer for quite sometime now.. and I really need help with my next assignment, I need ...
[1 reply] : The program needs to parse the input according to a set of rules which... (by Chervil)
by gkn06
Complex number multiplication
i am trying program based on digital signal processing...i wanna create a function which uses comple...
[7 replies] Last: there is an output this function cos(2*pi*n/8) when n=2 i... (by gkn06)
Help with the find function of string
Hello, I had an assignment about string type sadly I couldn't complete it Can somebody tell me what ...
[1 reply] : This code int CountThe(string st1, string st2) { int NumOfThe=0, po... (by vlad from moscow)
how to make a 2d game
Hi, I don't know anything about C++ and want to make a 2D game. Is there any books about how to mak...
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