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problem printing in terminal
i have a function that i am calling: ldu1::ldu1(const_bit_queue& frame_body) : voice_d...
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by gudeh
Stop the program an amount of time.
Ok, so I have to implement a round-robin simulator. The problem is that simulator should stop(as if ...
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code runs, but not the way it's supposed to
Hexadecimal numerals are integers written in base 16.The 16 digits used are '0' through '9' plus 'a...
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Adding Another function
Warning 1 warning C4717: 'myStrCat' : recursive on all control paths, function will cause runtime st...
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PLEASE HELP ME!! project on arrays and reading from files
*********I am a new c++ learner and was having trouble with my code.*********** This is the assign...
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Web services
Hello, This is my first time posting in here and i hope you guys will be able to help me out. I...
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Question about array of structures
I need to create an array of Structures. I'm trying to do it this way and it compiles fine. Is my us...
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How to count the number of times a letter appears in string.
Excuse me all. I am having a really hard time understanding how to tackle a homework problem I have....
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by jer311
Deleting duplicates
I am having troubles with my deleting_duplicates function at the end and cannot return the correct v...
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How to use endl
How can I use endl #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace ...
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Help me
endl will not work for some reason. When i input the name in console it says random numbers instead ...
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Cant get code to work please help!!!
Just finished my project and the code isn't quite working. I cant get my programs loop to work corre...
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by Ariamn
Hello, I'm trying to write a code, for homework assignment, called increasing. What the program is ...
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Quicksort question
I was hoping someone could explain how the quick() function and the partition() function works. ...
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by bardia
Reading Data from Text File Problem?
I'm writing a code for password keeping. Unfortunately, in the main() I can not pull "out password" ...
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Capitalizing specific elements of array using toupper
How would I capitalize the first and fifth element of "the fox" using toupper. i cant figure it out...
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by guesto
craps game need help getting started.
For this program, simulate a craps game for a total of at most 20 wagers. That is, the first playe...
[1 reply] : Someone made a thread earlier today about a similar program. You could... (by Annatar)
what am i doing wrong with calculator?
So I am a complete noob at programming this is my very first time actually attempting it. I don't ha...
[1 reply] : I compiled your program using VS2010 and it appears to operate just fi... (by AbstractionAnon)
Two Matrices
I have two matrices that are input from data files. I'm trying to find the maximum value in the FIRS...
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