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Cant Get Header And Translation Unit Correct
I'm just learning i build a simple logging function in the Main.cpp file but i want to break it out ...
[2 replies] Last: thanks for setting me straight I've been coding with VB.Net for along... (by madaxe2018)
Help with array
Does anyone understand what this problem is asking me to do? I understand I have to use a loop and a...
[1 reply] : the rest: - inside a loop get a value from the user. - check if t... (by Yolanda)
Function Problem
When I run my program, everything seems to work fine except for the function getLetterGrade. The let...
[5 replies] Last: Anytime lol, you should also ask yourself what happens when totalAv < ... (by Yolanda)
Between Two Sets
I am trying to solve a problem but I got stuck somewhere. This is a link to the problem: https://...
[2 replies] Last: hello there, this is how i understand the problem: assuming you have ... (by Yolanda)
Loop until 2^n-1
I was just wondering if I was to loop through 0 to 2^n -1 can I just write the code as is? like this...
[1 reply] : hello, you should note that ^ doesn't mean "power" in c++, you should ... (by Yolanda)
How can I pass variable objects?
Basically I wrote a program that asks the user for a number of coins they have. It starts by asking ...
[6 replies] Last: JLBorges’s code’s always tidy and elegant, but that English gramma... (by Enoizat)
by Ex0d
reverse order intergers
Hello, I'm in need of some little help. I need lines of output are in reverse order. Define and us...
[10 replies] Last: Push your integers onto a stack. Then pop them back off LIFO and use @... (by lastchance)
by wnp007
Implementing cmath functions in RPN calculator
I am trying to implement some scientific functions into this rpn calculator(meant to be a hp-35 sim)...
[13 replies] Last: It's a long time since I did any serious stuff with RPN, but I was jus... (by Chervil)
Write a function which allows the user to enter inventory data for items in a store.
Here is the instructions for this project . I am extremely confused on wer...
[9 replies] Last: Ewe, gross. Paperwork programming? :p (by bradltr95)
Endless loop?
Why if i input a negative number, it all goes fine, but if i input a letter or an invalid input (ex ...
[12 replies] Last: Ok i included the library "limits". Everything works fine now. Thanks ... (by BlueRyse)
by MegsD
Binary Searching of random number arrays
we were tasked to find a specific number in the array, doesn't matter if its linear or binary, so I ...
[4 replies] Last: > Does that mean that I have to add a way to find the number within a ... (by JLBorges)
Shorter way to read/print array
I know there is a way to have all these if statements done in 1-3 lines, but I haven't been able to ...
[7 replies] Last: # include <iostream> constexpr auto SIZE = 12; constexpr auto NUM_D... (by gunnerfunner)
Write a function called Insert that takes in four parameters: an integer array the size of the array...
[1 reply] : before starting to code, write a pseudocode or a diagram flow. the sni... (by ne555)
Attempting to pass by reference
Attempting to pass by reference and I'm getting these errors. main.cpp:30:29: error: declaration o...
[1 reply] : Okay so It looks like I am trying to reference a reference, but I'm no... (by Garribean)
by Pecky
I could not attend class and i'm lost
This is translated from Icelandic but I hope y'all understand it. Make a dimensional array with 9...
[4 replies] Last: Compiles fine for my compiler GNU GCC, Im gonna assume you didn't ... (by bradltr95)
Issue With Vectors
I'm writing a program that needs to have three vectors filled in with information, but I keep gettin...
[3 replies] Last: Always look for type safety first :)! Probably 80% of errors in beginn... (by bradltr95)
by imren
helping please!
could someone solve this question? it is my homework.I am not good at c++ functions.Please ...
[3 replies] Last: Heres some sample code to help you along the way: #include "std_l... (by bradltr95)
Factorial Recursion
I am doing an assignment displaying a table of factorials from 0 to 20 using recursion. Everything ...
[3 replies] Last: Ok. Can you trace what I do here? #include <iostream> #include <ioman... (by keskiverto)
Input /n
Hello, I am writing a code which will be binary decimal converter. I know how to write rest of co...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you all for your help. Especially I have to thank Andy. It took... (by Alastor)
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