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Initializing struct in class
Hello, Having issue initializing a struct inside a class. I believe I'm doing everything correctly,...
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How can I have multiplication table, in txt output?
Dear Friends, Would you please help me why the txt output is not in table shape? But the compiler ...
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Beginners linked list
Hey guys. I made a linked list. I would like to do threw the entire list and add all the data. Any i...
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Basic type misunderstanding in OpenCV programs
So I'm pretty new to OpenCV and I keep running into programs using casting from int to (inputarray) ...
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Why the txt output is different that compiler screen?
Dear Friends, This codes read 9 numbers from a .txt file and writes the results in another txt file...
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& pointer operator help
So heres this line I have: try { warpPerspective(*((oclMat*) src),*((oclMat*) dst),*((Mat*)M),*(...
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* question
So I know *a is "pointed to by a" and int * a means a's type is a pointer to a int value. So I came...
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How to sort 3 integer
I'm studying C++ by 3 weeks and I'm reading : programming priciples and practices using C++.A...
[4 replies] Last: Yes you can. I put the if-statements there as a generic method for sol... (by Smac89)
Homework Question (Program posted)
Hello, I'm in a C++ programming class. We were given the assignment to "Write a program that asks t...
[3 replies] Last: Also, try sum += x; in your loop. At the moment you are adding your in... (by Charles1992)
Why canot this code read and write txt file?
Dear Friends, I want this code get "t" 9 times from input.txt at desktop and save the acc(t) result...
[14 replies] Last: Have you enabled C++11 support in the project properties? Try this l... (by Tom56785)
User defined function cosx
So it gives me pow no overloaded? Does that even make sense? It's also giving me a few syntax errors...
[3 replies] Last: I have no idea what you mean. Can you please start again. Assume we ... (by kbw)
hi everyone, i want your help on some questions and i will appreciate your responce so much, well i ...
[5 replies] Last: so you mean when I run a program the exe object is run? Yes. I... (by AbstractionAnon)
Looping Question
My question is: How would I just loop the output of (cardB == cardA)? Let's say for example, if the ...
[1 reply] : All you have to do in this is to add a "do" loop around the code you w... (by Tom56785)
Unresolved External Symbol Error
Solved. Due to protect my code from plagiarism.
[2 replies] Last: Thank you I did it but I have another error now. Unhandled Exception. ... (by onefourseven)
can constructors prevent instantiation?
I would like my constructor to validate the passed parameters. If the parameter values are not valid...
[6 replies] Last: ... First of all there are things that just can’t be done right wit... (by JLBorges)
Hello, I can`t get this code compile #include<iostream> #include<vector> #include<algorithm...
[3 replies] Last: I fixed line 27: sort (temps.begin(), temps.end()); (by pacman169)
program with while
Hi guys. I need some help. I have a program to write, but i have many questions. program is: I ne...
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display a string for 3 seconds and then redirect
If the user enters a wrong password I want the "wrong password" message to flash on the screen for...
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by hops
Beginner in need of help.
I'm really having a hard time understanding how to print pyramids using asterisks. Can someone pleas...
[1 reply] : 1) make a loop which will be executed as many times as there is pirami... (by MiiNiPaa)
Converting area unit
I need to convert unit between Square metres Square feet.Here is my a part of code. void Q1(){...
[1 reply] : 1.) You need break statements for the cases unless, you intended for i... (by Subzero030201)
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