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by oajfh
getline() reading whole .txt file
Greetings, I am currently making a small console game to get to grips with the basics of the basics...
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Tree recursion.
Suppose there is a 2d matrix n by n such that majority of the ints inside the matrix is 0 while the ...
[1 reply] : Option 1: Do not allow 'left', 'up'. Option 2: Keep track of nodes th... (by keskiverto)
Draw a bmp with arrays pixels in C++
Hey everybody! Sooo , i want to do a program , which read all pixels of a bitmap image on a array 2...
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please help me with this program
How do I change this code so that the user can choose a math operation and determine have that type ...
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by enemy
Why is this program not printing (2,5)?
Hello! Please, why is result this function is ment to print not (2,5)??? Many thanks!!! #inclu...
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by nvrmnd
reading from file
*Sigh*, i have no idea why the while() part below doesn't work (only always the first set was being...
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Alright so I want to have the data entered and then during the next two steps I want the string data...
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Multiple Choice
Hi I was going to create a multiple choice quiz where the question was being input to a vector and t...
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help with ignore
Why does this work istream & operator >> (istream & ins, Grade & G) { ins >> G.category >> G....
[1 reply] : cin is not ins . (by cire)
by ak16
Pointer value after Scope not NULL
Write your question here. #include "stdafx.h" #include "iostream" #include "conio.h" us...
[3 replies] Last: Thnax guys kbw and Jaybob66. Means we get the value of i, because til... (by ak16)
Help please
Please help me I have to write a program that use the trapezoidal rule for integration f(x)= x^2. ...
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by rjn237
HELP with simple program
Hello everyone, I am new to C++ as well as the board after missing some time in school and am in nee...
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Switch Statements
I have looked all over the forum to find out if this switch statement is legal. I have also banged m...
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by jwilt
structs logic problem
I'm trying to separate the data into the separate warehouses so that I just output the warehouse nam...
[1 reply] : This is the current output WareHouse_Name Item_Name Quantity ... (by jwilt)
Not sure whats wrong.
I'm not really sure whats going on with my code. It looks right but for some reason, its stuck in wh...
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Hi, I am new to C++ and ive been trying to create a program and can't understand what im doing wrong...
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inline function
OK I am having trouble with inline functions. Every website I go too either shows how to use void, o...
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input and output for array
I"m practicing writing code and learning how to use array. I'm able to input the data..but the data ...
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by SulaV
can i ask questions related to c?
int c; c=getchar(); while(c!=EOF) { putchar(c); getchar(); } ...
[2 replies] Last: thanks long double main is this program suppose to count the characte... (by SulaV)
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