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Homework help for a program that grades a multiple choice exam?? Thanks!
Hello World! (ha) This is my first post to this site. I am desperate because my code is due at midni...
[1 reply] : *bump* This is due at midnight. I can turn it in late with little pena... (by jackieannejones)
how to use return function to display two different outcomes
i had to make a program that decides whether the integer the user entered is prime or not, then i ha...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah, I guess my hack and slash isn't copy/paste-able. I guess I'll l... (by Lowest0ne)
Read text file into array of int, float and strings
I have a text file, data.txt 4 1 13 3 2 1.1 4.1 8.1 5.2 2.3 the student is in class I want to re...
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Return type of class functions
I was given some code that looked like this (I added the default constructor and private declaration...
[2 replies] Last: What do I return for these??? Return *this . That's what lets this ... (by dhayden)
how to store ONLY the 8th column of this txt file
I would like to know the most elegant way to store only the 8th line of this this text file. I a...
[8 replies] Last: Can't you just do something like std::string line = ""; std::vector<... (by giblit)
Making a myString class
Hi, I'm creating a myString class. I can't get the reverse, = operator, and + operator to work. I po...
[1 reply] : Operator=() should replace the current value of the string with the ne... (by dhayden)
by jc9
Calculator Program help
I am having some issues and can't figure out what my errors are. I need to do this in C. Thanks. ...
[1 reply] : What specific problems are you having? (by dhayden)
Stack Program
For some reason I can't get this program to run. This is directly from my textbook. My compiler does...
[3 replies] Last: You need space between "stack" and "s". (by Peter87)
Identifier not found,even though i have declared the function in header file,and made it in .cpp
Write your question here. int hillcypher::ToChar(int x){...} std::string EncriptFunc(int a...
[1 reply] : You have forgot to write hillcypher:: before the function name when yo... (by Peter87)
Reading from a file and outputting only certain things.
Hello, I am trying to read in from a file named"parking.txt", and I want to read certain values from...
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Reversing a character array
I am trying to create a function that will reverse the characters in a character array of any size/c...
[4 replies] Last: You only need one loop that runs from 0 to size/2. At each step, you ... (by dhayden)
What is a value known at compile time ?
Hello, I'm studying the C++ programming language and I'm in a chapter where thebook introduces the c...
[4 replies] Last: the variable is not a constant expression right? why ? Right. It is ... (by dhayden)
by vladp
Please help!!
What is wrong in this code? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { int a,b,...
[1 reply] : You want to do it like this: #include <iostream> using namespace s... (by Jacobhaha)
How to transfer multiple value from function to function?
im in trouble right now. i really dont know how, can u check my coding? i want to transfer tday1, td...
[1 reply] : Pass em ad parameters just as you did in your first function (by andy1992)
Breaking a code into separate classes
Hi there, I was given an assignment to make a domino program in which you make a structure to co...
[4 replies] Last: @dhayden That's what I interpreted his assignment as, since we're lear... (by banksters)
Help me correct this code pls
I made this code #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; const int ro=5;...
[4 replies] Last: w00t m8 thanks for the help you made a man happy today :D (by dksam123)
calculation of date
hi all! kindly help me in creating a program using turbo c that calculates the expected date upon...
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by anely
Grades c++
Right am new to programing , how do I go about getting students names and scores and the number of p...
[2 replies] Last: Garrettww2010, for some reason I can't reply to your other message abo... (by dhayden)
arrays inside functions
hello, I am having a hard time completing an assignment in class. pretty much its arrays inside func...
[2 replies] Last: update: please help im lost!!! i have progressed farther ignoring som... (by garrettww2010)
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