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by Arquon
How do I print 2 cout answers ?
Hello, how can I print two cout answers if both are correct ? I have put // near the ones that i wan...
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While loop is not working
I am writing a program for mcdonald ordering system, now I extracted one part of my program. I don't...
[4 replies] Last: And the problem really exists in else solved=0;break;} . Thanks!... (by jekaterina)
help with errors on hangman rewritten by functions
hello i need to rewrite the hangman in ch 4 to separate it into 3 functions but having a little trou...
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passing objects by pointer and by reference
Hi there! Could someone explain to me what is the difference between passing objects by pointer a...
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Trouble with reversing letters w/o using string
When compiled, it only gives me added numbers of letter numerical value. What am i doing wrong? ...
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by Marion
highest and lowest value with array.
Hi. I don't know why it this code isn't working. I even tried to copy the format of another code tha...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the answer. I just fixed it, I think. I put the cin and the... (by Marion)
This problem is kinda like the Goldbach's conjecture
When I input a number n the program is supposed to show the nth sum of two primes. According to the ...
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Void as an int?
This void prints the rfid value on the lcd screen; void dump_byte_array(byte *buffer, byte b...
[1 reply] : You don't need to convert to int. You can compare them with memcmp: h... (by coder777)
If statements
Hi all, I have a complicated question to ask you and I'm stuck on this. What I'm trying to do in t...
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partially filled array.
Write your question here. hi. I am new with programming and I stuck on this project. This project ha...
[5 replies] Last: It's not that complicated: int howmany = 0; int registered_howmany =... (by coder777)
One last problem
I have one final problem, however I am getting an error on only 1 line for a function call, but none...
[4 replies] Last: What @Ericool is saying is you have a setDate() prototype in your he... (by YFGHNG)
For Loops
So i am trying to get a variable starting at 0, to increase by 30 until 360. But im having some real...
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by C0UG3R
C++ Stack Defining and Reading
I need to create a stack from the Element300 type of size 3 and print it out in the function print. ...
[1 reply] : When you declared a Element300 pointer you haven't actually allocated ... (by TechnoBrony)
No member function declared in class
Hello, when I try to compile this program, it says "no void Undergraduate::default_input()’ member...
[1 reply] : Also, just in case anyone wants the driver program too, here it is: ... (by cher1201)
**Edited** This is a menu code and I would like to give the user the option of selecting several ...
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by tnt980
code error
/* * File: main.cpp * Author: Zac * * Created on October 6, 2015, 5:54 PM */ #include <iost...
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Need assistance please!
Hi everyone! I just started my first year in C++ programming, and I'm having a little bit of an ...
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If statements help
Write an if statement that will print out a name if it begins with the letters M-Z. You may NOT as...
[2 replies] Last: Try and write it in simple English as pseudocode first. Never fails. :... (by kemort)
Beginner Issues with Date/Time Project
Hello, I am a total beginner struggling through my first class with c++. My first project involves p...
[1 reply] : You aren't using functions the right way. You need to pass parameters ... (by kemort)
User inserts letter grade ex: A = 4 points how do i add up all the letter grade points and div...
[1 reply] : '+' and '/' respectively. (by kemort)
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