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inline function
OK I am having trouble with inline functions. Every website I go too either shows how to use void, o...
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input and output for array
I"m practicing writing code and learning how to use array. I'm able to input the data..but the data ...
[9 replies] Last: I got it to work and my out put was this: Please insert grade betw... (by kingkong200)
by SulaV
can i ask questions related to c?
int c; c=getchar(); while(c!=EOF) { putchar(c); getchar(); } ...
[2 replies] Last: thanks long double main is this program suppose to count the characte... (by SulaV)
having trouble with coding on dev c++
Write your question here. 1. Input 2 integers and display them in ascending order 2. Input a...
[1 reply] : Hi please post whatever code you have currently for these exercises. (by usandfriends)
Reality check
So i am getting pretty into C++ and i would say im not exactly good at it. but skilled enough to acc...
[6 replies] Last: First off - I recommend you getting Code::Blocks. It's really good IDE... (by MatthewRock)
by dero
Problem using strcmp and strcopy, strlen
hey all I am facing a problem when I tried using strcmp, my program is suppose to compare two strin...
[13 replies] Last: well I did give it a try as u mentioned ... here 's what I have come u... (by dero)
whats wrong with my code?
Help. I am new to C++ and am trying to program that looks like this. * *** ***** ******* *****...
[1 reply] : line 5 those variables you only use j on line 8. Since line 6, 14, and... (by giblit)
switch from max to min
Write your question here. how would i change it to where it gives me the min instead of the max ...
[2 replies] Last: i was making it harder than it was thanks (by TheMikey87)
plz help
hi im really new to c++ so i need alot of help im making a program that when the user enters a name...
[1 reply] : can any 1 help (by theroken)
Timing functions
I need to time the amount of time it takes to run a recursive function vs. an iterative function. E...
[7 replies] Last: Yes, naive recursive algorihm has complexivity of O(2 n ). That is rea... (by MiiNiPaa)
Class Pointers
My goal is to create a sort of template file(s) for handling user-input into the command line that I...
[15 replies] Last: Could you please explain the differences between <> include format an... (by MikeyBoy)
Username and Password
Umm. What's the problem with this? Can you help pls. Q~Q If i'd input the correct username and pas...
[5 replies] Last: PLs where is _clrscr :( ??? If there is a predefined one i reallt want... (by SorinAlex)
Tell me some libraries for internet access
.. i think i learned everything from the beginner book for c++ .. and i want to go on next level .. ...
[2 replies] Last: alright .. im learning WinSock right now .. tnx (by SrgjanLDTeam)
by enemy
Meaning of line with "if"
Hello! Please, what is the exact meaning of the line 20? as b-> is a: if ( a.?) isitme(a) ...
[1 reply] : Well line 20 just returns 0? as far as line 18 basically it checks t... (by giblit)
Am I correct in saying this? I'm still trying to wrap my head around "this" pointers... Thanks in ad...
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by bmeade
Find @ in a text file using <fstream> and output
Hello, I had a a post for this already but I have completely rewritten my code so here we go agai...
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I need some help :))
Hi, guys. Im kinda new in programming and still find myself in trouble trying to make some codes wor...
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by quayda
Vowel Removal: I'm doing it wrong. C+
Well, I had a different code before, but I started over because I was just lost. I'm very new to thi...
[1 reply] : getline uses a string not an int (by Yanson)
by n30n
c++ class function to create webcount system
trying to make a system to get, hit, reset, and set. I have to use private and public. the objective...
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