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by koopey
void main or int main?!?
In c++, is using void main() even legal and if so, in what cases? Just a note, I indeed have consu...
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by mentat
Staying within a certain range of numbers
So i am doing some practice problems and i am not able to solve this problem. I am to ask the user f...
[2 replies] Last: You also need to use an array/vector to store your numbers so you can ... (by integralfx)
Hallo, my name is Lyubomir. I am student at University of Vienna. I took all my exams i have only c+...
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Sorting Lists
Well, I'm mostly done with this project, it sorts a list of 25 students with their gpas and standing...
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SIGSEGV Segmentation Fault in Array Sorter
Hi all, I am very new to programming and I am writing a short program that generates an array of ran...
[1 reply] : I'm guessing that the array index is out of bounds. I suggest you fami... (by Cody0023)
Adding 2 vectors
Why is the result wrong? 1.79302e-307,1.79317e-307+-8.94132e+070,2.60732e+253=7.23027e-308,7.23127e-...
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Need Help!
I am just starting classes on c++ in college, and I'm having trouble with this "undefined reference ...
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Trying to strip <Tags> off an HTML document
I am trying to read in an HTML file and I am trying to strip the tags '<' '>' and everything in betw...
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A minor problem with a menu code
There's really no errors in this code, but I do want to make it better. As seen below in the code, I...
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by levsky
C++ to edit song info in an mp3
I was wondering if it was possible to use a c++ program to take a mp3 and use it to edit song info s...
[1 reply] : Yes, of course. There are libraries dedicated to reading and writing M... (by helios)
output with int variables
Hey guys I am having trouble on how to solve this code. Please give me the steps on how to solve. I ...
[2 replies] Last: like @Norm said take a piece of paper and write value of x and y for e... (by Ericool)
Bool error's help please.
having some issues with my bool. Any help would be nice. any help would be nice I am trying to figu...
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I want to read the file line by line as array with Dev C++
Hello everybody, I am beginner and I just come to C++ I want to read the file, line by line, and l...
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How to make software to solve linear fuctions ?
Hello can some one post code of software to solve this unsigned char k = 120 unsigned char n = 23...
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please fix it for me guys!
I`m really confiused about it pleas help me. I`m a beginner. this program supposed to show your age,...
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Extracting Digits
Need some help with extracting digits from inserted integer :( I have some errors, I am a beginner...
[9 replies] Last: OK Cya :) Hint: when you get to division, integer division can give... (by kemort)
How to imply chances?
Hi, Can you help me in my game, like the program will randomly choose the Emperor by chance 80%, ...
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by Chubby
Hello, I need help on create a three child for tree. My code is only create the left and right. ...
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by Dazzer
Q about static int
Could anyone explain to me why, each time GenerateID() is called, it doesn't re-initialize s_nID ba...
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