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Overload error
I have RestaurantCheck.h and RestaurantCheck.cpp files. This is from RestaurantCheck.cpp error s...
[1 reply] : Post full error text (by MiiNiPaa)
by enemy
why is new int[] changing its adress???
Write your question here. int* po(int b){ int d1; d1=3*b; int d2; d2=d1+5; ...
[2 replies] Last: It doesn't. You're misreading the output. I got this output from ID... (by Disch)
I am struggling with a while loop please help
Write your question here. I am making a program that that determines if someone has exceeded their c...
[18 replies] Last: It's got them flipped. im switching stuff around and it still looks li... (by adamcampbell)
by Arcie
Does Not Equal in relation to multiple possible inputs
Hi everyone! I am new to the forum. Before I start, I will say I have googled this question, checked...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks again! You guys rock! -Arcie (by Arcie)
Help with Pointers and Classes
I'm trying to write a class Person that has the following fields: name (string), best_friend (Person...
[1 reply] : You were trying to assign an object to a pointer to that object. Then ... (by MiiNiPaa)
Why is this class destructor declared wrong? class RestaurantCheck { // Public Interface pu...
[3 replies] Last: Yup. All constructors and destructors must have the same name as the c... (by iHutch105)
Why won't my code go to the second option I want avaliable?
Trying to make a super basic proof of concept game with my very limited knowledge, I want to type 1 ...
[1 reply] : Hi @josephbraun99, if (Variable = 1) else if (Variable = 2) you... (by eyenrique)
by enemy
Where to put delete (from with new created array) in function?
Write your question here. #include<iostream> using namespace std; int new_int(...
[8 replies] Last: Thanks!!! Is it written ok: delete z? (by enemy)
by enemy
new- delete at the right place???
Hello! Is that array deleted on the right way? Should not a be deleted instead of z? Many thanks! ...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a lot! And I was also told different, that made confusion!:tup (by enemy)
by Leon23
What am I doing wrong?
Hey guys! I'm trying to make a deque in C++. According to dry run, my code is right and the function...
[4 replies] Last: ok, back home... here you go with the example i provided.. #include... (by Softrix)
[Help Please] looping
Write your question here. hi there cplusplus comunity im new here and im having a problem with my c...
[2 replies] Last: thankyou for the answer sir ill try the cin and get back for some more... (by troyzkie)
Some mistake with creating .h Files
Hey Guys! I just wanted to tryout using header files recently and just can't figure out my error....
[6 replies] Last: dang....what a trivial error. I should only use scope operators :: fo... (by Falke88)
Fractions calculator
Write your question here. #include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include "test.h" using na...
[5 replies] Last: void reduceFracc(int &numerator, int &denominator) { int *pNum; in... (by Luis Costa)
Destructor and memory leak
Hi, I have a program to calculate 1+Q+Q^2+...+Q^n, where Q is a polynomial of two variables. It work...
[14 replies] Last: maeriden, thanks for the link! coder777, I modified the program as yo... (by babyBunny)
Problem accessing array of struct type
Hello, I've been trying to access the elements of an array of a struct type, and looking at other ar...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks guys, both your comments help tremendously and I should be able... (by hinesro)
What am i missing
So the program is supposed to create a file which it does fine but when it comes to opening hat file...
[2 replies] Last: alright I renamed the write() function and I changed the create() func... (by ProgramMaster)
c++ project (visual studio 2010 compiler)
my project is Develop class Polynomial.This internal representation of a polynomial is an array of...
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Program using inheritance
Hey guys, having some trouble with my program. I'm getting and error "No operator matches these oper...
[11 replies] Last: Thanks much I'll take a look at that. I appreciate the help, guys. I h... (by SHUTitDOWNx)
by xvvll
Explain this program please
I've been learning programming on my spare time and I found a program that makes a diamond, i know h...
[1 reply] : See the 6th ... (by mutexe)
Accelerated C++ Good or Bad?
I am thinking of getting Accelerated C++ Is it a good or a bad book for a complete beginner And...
[6 replies] Last: LB is referring to this C++ Primer book: (by BHX Specter)
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