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A doubt on abstract base class and pure virtual functions
it is stated that the pure virtual function declared in the base class must be implemented in the de...
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by wolfv
How to specify namespace of a library?
Please help me with namespace. Here is a simplified example of what I am trying to do: There are...
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Passing and receiving array from function
Hi all, Would you please guide me about my problem? The code below is not yet complete and I have to...
[1 reply] : First look at this snippet: int np=100; int nx=200, ny=200; int dt=0... (by jlb)
error LNK2018: unresolved external symbol (referring to constructors)
This is the first time I have used classes in C++. This program is fairly simple, I am to create a S...
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a doubt regarding late binding
class A { public: virtual int func() { cout << "hello" } } class B:...
[1 reply] : I want to say that the virtual table of a3 will be consulted to find t... (by MikeyBoy)
How to read numbers from file, when you dont know how many of them are in there ?
Hello, so i have a problem here. I am trying to read file that looks like this: dont try to read wo...
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Change the code to output with the min
My desired output: Enter lower limit: 3 Enter upper limit: 10 3 5 7 My output in my current pr...
[1 reply] : woot!~ I figured it out! #include <iostream> using namespace std; voi... (by Vandalism)
logical error in my code
In the following code, I get the logical error when the loop executes for the second time. During...
[4 replies] Last: Interesting... It does not for me. Did you read that link? Does it hel... (by mutexe)
whats wrong with my c++ code
Why my programs doesn't work? it just doesn't make math. Program doesnt print a at all. and prints t...
[11 replies] Last: code777 it is. line 14 :-) , i need to check if n-m isn't = 0, only th... (by semkius)
by Jon15
Changing a 1d array to a 2d with global variables
Hi, i am writing a program that will pass an array with the integers 0-10 to a function that will cr...
[3 replies] Last: You have declared two different "nums" arrays: one is the parameter to... (by dhayden)
Copying console to a text file
hey guys I was wondering if there is a way to copy the text in the command prompt into a text file w...
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Compare four C++ strings and sort them by length
How do I compare four c++ strings and sort them by length ? I know how to compare 2 strings with the...
[1 reply] : Find the least longest string out of the 4. Then find the least longes... (by kemort)
Automatic name replacemant
So i have this long project and I want to replace something i defined (with #define) all over. The p...
[5 replies] Last: Wasn't sure what IDE meant and from the wiki page I got the impression... (by DaGoblin)
Array Class
Hello, I am doing an Array of object type, but I need some help because I want to create a construct...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry I got the answer, I was not calling the function correctly, beca... (by Wait for it)
by tywin
Returning string function
If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. So, my code runs fine and I receive an a...
[3 replies] Last: The function doesn't use the values of grades and average that is pass... (by Peter87)
Any voice recording libraries included within the standard c++ libraries?
As the title says. P.S - I am Code Apperentice, I made another account with the correct spelling ...
[1 reply] : No, and I don't think you will see it added anytime soon. There isn't ... (by Peter87)
Input Validation Problem
I have a loop that gains a number from the user and stores it in an array. So far, if you enter a ch...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much for your reply! (by seriphim)
Modify a string
Hi, i have a file like this (akagi.txt): 0.000 0.175 4 L 0.394 0.404 1 R 0.450 0.500 5 L shor...
[5 replies] Last: A more general solution might look something like this: #include <io... (by cire)
Help with functions
I'm supposed to get hours, and a letter, then work it out. So, -I get integer "h" with int getH...
[3 replies] Last: OK so where is the file "_MyDeclarations.h"? Usually when you #include... (by kemort)
by orin15
stream fail flag help
I'm trying to check the status of my file i/o stream in an if statement using the fail() function an...
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