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Compare four C++ strings and sort them by length
How do I compare four c++ strings and sort them by length ? I know how to compare 2 strings with the...
[1 reply] : Find the least longest string out of the 4. Then find the least longes... (by kemort)
Automatic name replacemant
So i have this long project and I want to replace something i defined (with #define) all over. The p...
[5 replies] Last: Wasn't sure what IDE meant and from the wiki page I got the impression... (by DaGoblin)
Array Class
Hello, I am doing an Array of object type, but I need some help because I want to create a construct...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry I got the answer, I was not calling the function correctly, beca... (by Wait for it)
by tywin
Returning string function
If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. So, my code runs fine and I receive an a...
[3 replies] Last: The function doesn't use the values of grades and average that is pass... (by Peter87)
Any voice recording libraries included within the standard c++ libraries?
As the title says. P.S - I am Code Apperentice, I made another account with the correct spelling ...
[1 reply] : No, and I don't think you will see it added anytime soon. There isn't ... (by Peter87)
Input Validation Problem
I have a loop that gains a number from the user and stores it in an array. So far, if you enter a ch...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much for your reply! (by seriphim)
Modify a string
Hi, i have a file like this (akagi.txt): 0.000 0.175 4 L 0.394 0.404 1 R 0.450 0.500 5 L shor...
[5 replies] Last: A more general solution might look something like this: #include <io... (by cire)
Help with functions
I'm supposed to get hours, and a letter, then work it out. So, -I get integer "h" with int getH...
[3 replies] Last: OK so where is the file "_MyDeclarations.h"? Usually when you #include... (by kemort)
by orin15
stream fail flag help
I'm trying to check the status of my file i/o stream in an if statement using the fail() function an...
[14 replies] Last: You can write any data type you want (by andy1992)
by Myna
Write lottery program using array!!!
Write a lottery program that generate 5 random numbers from 1-20 inclusive. I had the whole things b...
[4 replies] Last: Huh? That's weird. I don't see any problem compiling here(Was it still... (by rjvc)
by Pg0715
qs on to read numbers from a file
ok so I have three numbers in a file called input.dat and im able to call them but I want to know ho...
[3 replies] Last: ok I got it to work but now I want to have it to where the file can on... (by Pg0715)
function calls, help
Below are my two function calls the first is correct, I have not found any errors with it, simply po...
[8 replies] Last: thanks for the all the input I ended up revising it and figured it out... (by smokebaca)
Confused about pointers
I've only recently started learning C++, I like coding so far and I've done a few simple programs, b...
[1 reply] : Is there any difference between the two? No There's also pointers ... (by mobotus)
by akai09
what am i doing wrong?
hey guys i need help with my code. i need help with how do i print out with 8 integers per line or a...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> int main() { int ar ={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,... (by anup30)
Reading in file wrong output
Everything is working fine, except when I put in an empty file, it gives me a max and min of -858993...
[7 replies] Last: I'm so done..found out my mistake, just needed to switch if(i>number)... (by vextria)
by csharp
Need help with Structs
Hello, I have to write structs with some functions, and I am not sure if did them correctly! ...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks cire for being so helpful, I don't want to use the show functio... (by csharp)
When is the right time to use cin.ignore()?
I just wrote a random program using a data structure so I can experiment with some of the functions ...
[1 reply] : istream& ignore (streamsize n = 1, int delim = EOF); Extract and disca... (by mobotus)
RockPaperScissors (1,2)
Hello, I decided to write a rock,paper and scissors game where the computer and player take turns...
[21 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <... (by pacman169)
Could use some advise please
Hey there, I am messing around while learning to code. I was looking for a great practice program to...
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your asked to process the grades of a class of n students (n to be entered by the user). for each st...
[2 replies] Last: You need to make an effort and post your coding attempt around here. ... (by cnoeval)
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