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by Jon15
Handling incorrect input
Hi, I am writing a guessing game program. My problem that i am having is that if i enter something l...
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Tic-tac-code code help
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by franc0
Compute student scores using 3D array
Why is it not starting with 1 after changing int i=1 in for loop i want to list students score from ...
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Problem with memory program/game
Would really appreciate some help because I'm stuck and don't know what to do. The idea is to cre...
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by Dazzer
Struggling with classes.........
Howdy folks.... I'm struggling to get my head around classes, specifically what's being taught in t...
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by new1
removing chars from string
what was the wrong here for removing all occurence of chars [,",] string str ("["abc","...
[8 replies] Last: Hey thanks guys, but no need of removing the literals i think so i ju... (by new1)
by ortymd
memory allocation for object field fails
I'm writing a simple task: Adding/deleting elemets to/from a dynamic two-dimansional array (Matrix)....
[3 replies] Last: you may be accessing out of bounds on line 23. Also this->elmnts[i++]... (by ne555)
Forcing loop to run at least twice
So I know a do while loop runs at least once but how can you make it run at least twice, as I was to...
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I'm beginner. Making Purchase order system with problem in receipting
my only problem is how to make a receipt around this. meals, snacks, and beverages are only in pric...
[5 replies] Last: Ey, sir. Need some info. PLease help me in receipt system, still not s... (by NoobDeveloper)
lvalue required as left oprand error
hey guys i need some help with my code i luked up solutions online bt ddnt find any solution am addi...
[2 replies] Last: thanx for the reply i got it to work by passing my get function by ref... (by rofhiwangae)
Looping untill absolute value is small enough
Okay so I'm making a program were I am measuring the approximated value of the area under a function...
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Need some info. Not executing codes. Using switch-case
HI. good day sirs. I have a problem in nested switch-case. the sub menus are not executing/outputti...
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by Winsu
char and int
I have a basic questions about char and int...what happens when I assign an int to a char like this ...
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Static Function
I can call static function by class object, why its valid? Static functions are class level, we c...
[1 reply] : Is there any difference in calling static function in above two ways?... (by MiiNiPaa)
Need help creating hollow triangle!! Please!!
I need to create a hollow triangle using nested loops where the user inputs the base size. I can cre...
[1 reply] : This is a bit of a start on the solution you're looking for. 1. You n... (by kemort)
by Duoas
How to limit iteration
Well, OP deleted his post, but I took the time to make a reply, so here it is. There is, unfortun...
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size function not working.
I'm using a code in which I have to access the size of an array and I'm using the format arrayName.s...
[17 replies] Last: Alright. Thank you so much! (by zaryabsaeed)
Function Returning Wrong Value
I was just testing out my lowest common multiple (LCM) and highest common factor (HCF) functions but...
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Need Help! Which loop?
Im not sure which loop would be best to used for this project Here are the guidelines Create ...
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mortgage calculator
Please help me. I have to make a program that prints out the payment plan for a house. The program s...
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