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console open and shutdown quicly
this code right? console open and shutdown quicly #include<iostream> using namespace std;...
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Help With Homework Please
I need help, I have my code that is suppose to take the average of the first element in each arrays...
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Seperating two output lines by a certain number
This is my code, I have everything done and all I need to do is figure out how to get my outputs of ...
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Quick Elaboration: What is "hard coding" and "soft coding"?
Simple question. Wikipedia provides the following definition for hard coding: Hard coding (also,...
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by adv100
Call by function structures
I am trying to create a linked list dequeed. I have created my add a word which adds a word. Because...
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by cdm545
Ostream Operator Overloading
I am working on trying to learn how to overload the << operator but my code keeps giving me errors. ...
[1 reply] : Well your private member num is undefined, you never use it. So what i... (by giblit)
Why can't Cisco 2960 switch show VLAN infor in running config ?
Need Cisco help! When i set up a new stand alone Cisco 2960 switch,i noticed the VLAN configuration ...
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by QataJo
Quick q
I have a quick question about the program. It is saying that my variables under float are constantly...
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by cnsk90
hi guysss!! im trying to work with this annoying symbol and doesnt show them on the console when i...
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Add decimals to average
Hello everyone, first of all i want to apologize for my poor english as it's not my first language i...
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(Usual) undefined reference to...
Where am i doing wrong? What can't i do here? /****************************************************...
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trouble with arrangment
the numbers that i have for my output dont line up. For example ill run the code and it will give me...
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by chofs
breaking a loop
hey guys i have a slight problem..i knw its not gud programming practice to use a break to exit a lo...
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compiler is invalid
Hello. I´m using code::blocks 13.12 for the first time. When I run the above code thr progras displ...
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by dean93
Help with Function
I have to create a program with functions to find the area of a pentagon. I run the program but it g...
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#include <fcntl.h> #include <io.h> #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; ...
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by Hiten
Queue implementation - program ends with an error
So my Queue implementation does basically what it's suppose to do, but ends with _BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VA...
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Running Program again
I am trying to write a loop that encrypts and decrypts a string and will cycle again when you tell i...
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Finding Mileage
Alright so I have the code pretty much done except for some final value outputs. Right now the code ...
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