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cannot convert ‘bool (*)[256]’ to ‘bool**’ for argument ‘3’ to ‘bool f(unsigned int, unsigned int, bool**)’
Hi, I encountered this error in my program. I have a function bool f(unsigned int, unsigned in...
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Need help with this program stars;
I got the program to do 10 lines of stars and increment by 1 until 5 and then decrement by 1 from 5 ...
[1 reply] : for (j=1; j<=i; j+=2){ cout << "*"; } Is the problem an... (by kingkong200)
invalid use of non-static data member
I wanna to use the code given below: sample.cpp #include <stdio.h> class test { public...
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by ray88
calling min , max, mean, mid range functions of an array
How would i structure the min and max function for an array with a centennial control value # inclu...
[1 reply] : First off, please - wrap your code in [.code] [./code] tags(without do... (by MatthewRock)
Help with separate class files.
I want to know how to get certain int's and strings from separate class files. For e.g. if i made a ...
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File Stream problem
How to do math in getting values in notepad? We are making this program that i need to solve a so...
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need some tips to finish :)
Write your question here. Hi, im just new here :) i think im finish with my project but somethings w...
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linked list
I have made two linked lists now i want to combine the two lists but i get an error that , i can't a...
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by ray88
Im confused on how to make a file and import it
you are to read all records from a file named data.txt into an appropriately named and constructe...
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Transfer a normal list to Linked List
So I want to transfer my normal list to a linked list and this is what I have. Issues in my code:...
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by adeqze
Why my code doesn't read the rest of the file?
Hi, I am new to C++ and this forum too. I wrote a program that reads a file into an array. The prob...
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by Sam99
Input a node into Linked List
Hi there.. I am working with simple linked list which adds a node; to just understand how it works; ...
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random being repeated
Hi! So I have a code here. The objective is to create a multiple choice quiz where questions are com...
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by Jebran
How to create C++ program to display name and address
Hello, Hope every-buddy is fine, and thanks in advance. I am new to C++ -- I want to write a simple...
[1 reply] : Line 2: #include <string> Line 10: std::string name; Line 11: std::str... (by keskiverto)
How to store values in an array?
How to store values in an array? I'm making this program. But I want to use the values 'y' which I p...
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by nvrmnd
why won't template deduction work in this situation
The two anonymous objects constructed at main() inside the call to print() requires me to supply the...
[1 reply] : Can not deduce. 'Val' is not a typename. Val<int> is a typename. std:... (by keskiverto)
Learning OOP and getting Access violation
I have been working on classes with C++, though I have known how to use basic classes for the past c...
[1 reply] : fixed it by removing the delete call in both the constructor and copy ... (by JakeTheHuman)
Data structures:stack/queue Help and Advice
hello, ive been set the task to implement a data structure of either a stack or as a queue. by what ...
[3 replies] Last: i have gained more insight to the world of stacks and queue! JLBorges,... (by connor grimes)
variable changing by itself?
Ok, I can't look at this code any longer. I am trying to write my own sha256 algorithm. Why? I don't...
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by oajfh
getline() reading whole .txt file
Greetings, I am currently making a small console game to get to grips with the basics of the basics...
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