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cout un-reduced fractions??
Hi everyone. I am writing a program that is meant to do fractions. The program is simple enough beca...
[4 replies] Last: Ok I understand looping. if it's that easy I'm sure i won't have a pro... (by ssjaditya)
Enum Manipulation
Having problems with this class exercise, searching for some help the past few days and throwing mys...
[1 reply] : Would I write the method nextDay(Weekday) as a string or an int? Y... (by cire)
Private Static Variable Initialization
Hey Everyone, This is my first question I have posted on the forums so hopefully I do it right. A...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the speedy reply, and thanks for the answer and insight tha... (by TaylorCoons8798)
by moe90
undefined reference to
i don't know why im getting this error with code blocks, im getting an error of { u...
[1 reply] : (maybe `you forgot to l... (by ne555)
C++ Primer Error
Those of you who own C++ Primer 5th Edition I really could use some help. On if statements on th...
[3 replies] Last: Post code you use. I have to move the curly brace Are you sure you di... (by MiiNiPaa)
Problem with 2d char array output
Hello, I am having trouble with displaying my 2d char array. I am initially getting it from a text f...
[1 reply] : Soved this by cutting down my array size by one. So instead of 43 it i... (by DragonProgrammer)
How to judge the return value of aoti()?
If the input parameter is invalid,the atoi is return 0.But when i input "0",it's return 0 too.So,I w...
[3 replies] Last: to giblit: I can understand your meanning.But if input "000",the fu... (by wennuan)
Can someone explain why this is the answer?
This question is which function in main would result in a error. The answer is ptr->fun3() - can som...
[3 replies] Last: That's embarrassing. (by givemejavaback)
by Ram1
program that uses an integer array
Write a program that uses an integer array to store 12 test scores that a user enters. Then 1.Cal...
[6 replies] Last: @Uk Marine do not worry it happens! (by eyenrique)
2d Array from file
Hey guys im very new to C++ currently in university studying it but i am no where as good as i am at...
[2 replies] Last: arrays are not the most convenient data structures in C++, you'd be be... (by Cubbi)
Pointer Address == array element?
What I want to happen in my code below is rather than int p = *search(Which I explain below is actua...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! (by JRimmer)
Value returning function
So I was wondering how would you go about returning a value from one function and using it another. ...
[1 reply] : You just pass it to the second function like anything else. (by firedraco)
Command Line Arguments, Weird Results
Hello, I'm working on an assignment to create a program that takes in 4 test grades and returns a le...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks so much! It works fine now. To anyone else who might come acros... (by hinesro)
How to make the file operational
As you can see im trying to make the example.txt file mathematical operational. Cause for example in...
[1 reply] : you will have to parse the string and do the operations yourself. if... (by giblit)
Searching array by value
How can I find arrays index by value? for example: int box = a,array ={b,a}; One way...
[1 reply] : std::find can search arrays: (by Cubbi)
Screen wont stay open
No errors found but whenever i compile it. the screens just opens and close suddenly. #include...
[2 replies] Last: Ugh I wouldn't really suggest using conio to keep open the console as ... (by giblit)
passing array to calling function
need help in passing an array that was initialized within a function...below is a code snipet. can s...
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how to decalre namespace?
i know how to declare + definite but how can i only declare it? if i declare and definite in one ...
[2 replies] Last: yah i know about your code, my question was if its allowed for me to d... (by SrgjanLDTeam)
by mlor3
How to get code to update price (accumulate) when it runs the loop over again?
The price resets when the code re-loops. Is there a way I can get the price to accumulate instead of...
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by enemy
One just indentation topic
Hello! Please, is the first function ok indentated now? The problem is I saw many different types an...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, MikeBoy!:) Better now ( I "tidied" it a little!) What is the... (by enemy)
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