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Scope of variables here?
Just curious what would be the term for the scope of these variables (this was pulled from the tuto...
[1 reply] : They are in the scope of the constructor. like: double wibble(doub... (by mutexe)
Help[return 0;]
If im going to make my do-while loop program, does the "return 0;" affects the process of do-while ...
[3 replies] Last: ^Thanks. (by iamnoob15)
matrix problem
anyone an write the code to find inverse of matrix
[4 replies] Last: (by cire)
#include trouble
Hello Everybody, I have a problem while #including .h files. My Project is as follows. I pick...
[4 replies] Last: Oh yes you're right. Thanks! (by JasBeckC)
Re-output a file with capitalized-first-char sentences
I have a .txt file of a page from a novel with all lowercased letters. I need to tell the program to...
[2 replies] Last: getline takes a character, a single character , as delimeter. You are... (by MiiNiPaa)
pointers out of control..
I am trying to implement these rotation described
[7 replies] Last: The code in the link you posted earlier seems to do quite alright with... (by helios)
String Palindrome With Loops - stuck!
I absolutely am stuck, I'm so close to finishing this, I've messed up somewhere along the way unfort...
[2 replies] Last: Line 39 should read runs++; Line 13 means nothing. Remember, comput... (by Duoas)
by Jon15
Questions about functions and polynomials
I have to write a program that will find the roots of a 2nd degree polynomial. I have to use a funct...
[19 replies] Last: It seems like setw sets the number of characters to output; setprecisi... (by hyperfine)
Passing schemes
So I have this code, and there is an question that made me confused. What parameter passing scheme ...
[2 replies] Last: z is also "by pointer". In argument lists, 's for the first dimension... (by Duoas)
having troubles with maze
so my teacher for computer programming recently assigned an assignment where we made a 3 room by 3 r...
[1 reply] : You need to input choice using scanf . Also, the way you currently ... (by NT3)
PasswordFile Program
I am getting this undefined reference to `PasswordFile::addpw(UserPw)' I am just getting back into ...
[18 replies] Last: I also noticed you have two checking functions, checkpw and Checkpw. S... (by kemort)
String tokenizing basics
I want to add some functionality to my program. My program goes through a loop of taking input a ...
[5 replies] Last: -fmessage-length=n Try to format error messages so that they fit on... (by JLBorges)
Help with while loop
I'm writing a program with a while loop. Whenever I compile it and test it, if I enter a number grea...
[5 replies] Last: It's technically valid code. You just have an empty while loop followe... (by Zhuge)
by ayou
Is this program correct and fully functional?
can you check for any errors? #include<iostream> #include<iomanip> using namespace std; int ma...
[3 replies] Last: Have you learn about array ? If you haven't then your code is fine :o ... (by LendraDwi)
Help with Homework
I need assistance with a homework problem. The home work problem is as follows: This program is an ...
[1 reply] : Post your code :o we'll guide you, not write for you (hopefuly) (by LendraDwi)
by Jon15
Problem with using/calling function
I am writing a program that will output the roots of a 2nd degree polynomial. I have to use the func...
[1 reply] : Also, i wrote a similar program before and this is it, would this stil... (by Jon15)
Array Expander Function Using Pointers
Still working on this same problem. My assignment is to create a function that accepts an array as a...
[5 replies] Last: This works even better, thanks again! Don't I have to delete the poin... (by blairtch)
Need Help With Linking Files For A Class
Im not sure if this question belongs in beginner section but i need help with how to link my classes...
[3 replies] Last: I dont understand what are you trying to do (by Techno01)
spacing check trouble
hello i ran into some trouble with my function. we are required to check if the spacing is valid in ...
[4 replies] Last: You want to check if the following or preceding is a space so you need... (by danghotties)
Error calling function
The code below is currently unfinished. It's eventually going to calculate tuition via how many cred...
[1 reply] : COMPUTE_CHARGES should be passed a value of type double. but not the ... (by closed account 1CfG1hU5)
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