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What does this code entail?
Hey guys, This book I'm following gives questions but no answers which is strange but this is one o...
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Simple way to convert exe to apk.
Hello, idiot question over here : Is there a simple way to convert a C++ console executable to a apk...
[1 reply] : For direct conversion, I don't think so and do not think it will be ef... (by Aceix)
How to take care of these repetitions elegantly?
The following gives what I want, but I want to remove the repetitions: #include <iostream> #inc...
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by enemy
Global variable-heap???
Hello! Please, if we have a global variable, declared on the very beginning of the program, variabl...
[1 reply] : See this: (by long double main)
please help me solve this...
hi all master...can help me with calculation for average in array? im blank..doing search but not he...
[1 reply] : error compile log Compiler: Default compiler Executing g++.exe..... (by shuyina)
by enemy
Pointer to a structure
Hello! Please, if one structure has more objects (let's say 8), pointer to which of them is pointer...
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Test if vector has even amount of elements
I would like to know an if statement that will test if there are even amount of element in a vector....
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by chofs
how to separate an integer into a single digit
hey guys jst wanted to knw how can i separate an integer into a single digit..........e.g 12345 into...
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Odds of 100000 games of craps
Hello all. Really at my wits end with this. I made a craps game and that was fine. On top of it I wa...
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Can't find a logic error
This program is supposed to accept integer inputs until -99 is input, at which point it's supposed t...
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by delio
How can I make zoomable square table in SFML?
I have 2 questions. 1.How can I make zoomable square table like in the picture below?
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Resize Console Window Question
Well hello there, recently I've make some string which contain a long sentence and a lot of words an...
[1 reply] : Portable way : none, console is just a medium for input/output. std::... (by MiiNiPaa)
Hangman boards
This is what I have to do: â—¦Indicate to the user whether or not the letter to guess was valid or ...
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HELP! - Bell Curve Simulator
The program simulates a ball going through a pyramid of pins, and calculates which slot it ultimatel...
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Avoiding Global Variables
How would I fix my program to avoid my variables being global? (Note: I took out the actual code f...
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by enemy
"point" class questions
Hello! Please, if we have point.h file, like this one: // point.h class point { private: ...
[1 reply] : It is normally done in the main programme file. -Create the main file ... (by Aceix)
by enemy
Link about "get"
Write your question here. Der All! Please, can someone send me a link where get / getX is good ex...
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by enemy
Write your question here. // dot.h class Dot { private: int x, y; public: ...
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Whats the answer with these questions?
1.How many data types can the elements of an array have? 2.What happens if the number of initiali...
[1 reply] : a combination of Googling and executing code for yourself will answer ... (by metulburr)
by Wedge
class ifstream variable not recognised from header file
I am attempting to write a script to extract a table of information from a PDF file, that is in a st...
[1 reply] : std::ifstream, std::string, std::getline, etc. (by MiiNiPaa)
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