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clarification for understanding new and delete
Would anyone mind just checking my code to see if there are any memory leaks? I have been learning a...
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by iluv41
private member error
I am getting the errors , add.miles, add.yards, add.feet, and add.inches in the '+' operator overloa...
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by Nebur
What is this program failing in?
I use a divide an conquer aproach to solve the followoing problem: Given a 2x2 matrix of integers...
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Program 19
Hello, I decided to move on with my exercises, Keep track of the sum of values entered (as well ...
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Why segmentation fault (core dump)?
I've written the following code for When i giv...
[1 reply] : Segmentation fault is a memory error which means you've gone beyond th... (by Keene)
While Statement inputs the last input
Alright, so this is pretty self explanatory, but the while statement in my program is using the last...
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reading from a file into a struct
I am trying to read some data into a struct from a file, but I keep getting an error for infile >> ...
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Timers related question
Hello everyone. Quite straightforward: which function can I use to make a program count (in secon...
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Starting a program from C++
Hello How do I start a program from C++? It's a Python script by the way. It should be working o...
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comprehension problem using c string arrays
Hello everybody, I'm new in c++ and don't know much about using pointers. What I actually know i...
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C++ primer exercise 2.4.2
Please help ? Exercise 2.27 - Which of the following initializations are legal? Explain why. a) ...
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assigning variables to an array of objects?
I have tried a couple different ways of assigning variables to this array. When I do it this way I g...
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by NOD32
I need help passing values by reference (functions)
I absolutely suck at functions. I know that you need to declare a function, code for it outside main...
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Time input to int
Hello, I just recently started taking a C++ class so I apologize if this question is too obvious f...
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by davez
finishing the atm
i have some problem concerning the withdraw part how can i prompt the user that the withdrawn amoun...
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Blog for newbs
Hi, I've been writing a blog called Adventures of a Wannabe Programmer, and would love to have any f...
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Visibility of globally defined Vectors in Subfunctions
Can anyone see the mistake? I am generating a vector<vector<bool> > in an global namespace. Subfunc...
[3 replies] Last: //Accessing data bool access_vector(int x, int y) { /// first=pat... (by anup30)
Difference between Capacity and Size of an Array
Hello I just wanted yo know the differece between the capacity and the size of an array. Here is ...
[8 replies] Last: capacity to hold N Foos reserve(N) reserves for N+i elements //i>=0... (by anup30)
by msrt92
parameter constructor
output is not corrector its something like this Name:___________Azzz Natinality:_______Azzz ...
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passing a char array to struct char
I cant seem to copy a char array to a struct variable.. struct name { char first_name ; ...
[2 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <cstring> // did you forget it? using na... (by anup30)
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