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by zwilu
Why does cout print all the string using the pointer?
/* main.cpp */ /***********************************************************************/ #include <...
[11 replies] Last: Yes, though mixing C++ and C I/O is generally considered bad practice,... (by LB)
cout not declared
Hello. I really appreciated if you can help me with this situation. In Code::Blocks 13.12, I am try...
[2 replies] Last: Your suggestion works perfect. Many thanks. In the book Iā€™m using (C... (by gipsycr)
Is there a way to make your console change "actively"?
Let me start by saying this is probably a stupid question.. I've made a chess program in C++ in w...
[3 replies] Last: Don't use NCurses, use the WinAPI. NCurses is all or nothing, and I f... (by IWishIKnew)
by VirgoD
how to write this C++ code
who knows how to write C++ coding with seeing flow chart? email me: urgent n...
[1 reply] : Not quite sure what this means. You should clarify what writing "code... (by IWishIKnew)
Understanding Output.
I am reviewing for a test and have a very simple question that I can't seem to wrap my mind around. ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you! This makes sense now, was reviewing off an old test and I t... (by acasas44)
Data 1 P=[ā–ˆ(3 2 0 1@4 0 1 2@3 0 2 1@9 2 3 1)] and Q=[ā–ˆ(3 0 2 -1@1 2 0 -2@4 0 6 -3@5 0 2 0)]...
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Masks and Bits
Hello, I'm having troubles with an algorithm problem, I need to insert a mask inside a "block of bit...
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by Nera20
compiling with command prompt
Can someone please explain how to compile with this command: g++ program.cpp -o program I'm not ...
[9 replies] Last: :O it worked! thank you all so much :D (by Nera20)
help me finding number that are not multiples of m!!
Write your question here. v:\cmpsc101>prelab8 Enter an integer m: 2 Enter integer numbers, enter...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you so much fellow, I just read your post. and your explain was... (by qwertyking)
by alsade
question about unexpected output
im trying to merge two arrays without duplicates. can someone please tell me why my output includes ...
[2 replies] Last: thanks for that but it doesnt solve the problem (by alsade)
Issue about how to imporve WAN Speed when connected to Cisco 2960 switch
I had brought a Cisco Catalyst 2960-S Series GE Switch WS-C2960S-48FPS-L recently.But I've got a pro...
[1 reply] : i think post on another form as this one is mainly about c++ and less ... (by tomdacat)
2D vector pass to function
i found that my 2D vector's value is not changed after i use the function "test". i pass the maze ...
[2 replies] Last: Your test() takes 'maze' by value . void foo (int x) { x = 7; } vo... (by keskiverto)
Last weeks assignment was to show inheritance with a person and student class. This weeks assignmen...
[3 replies] Last: You said that you have had inheritance. That you have struct Person a... (by keskiverto)
Trying to get number of sentences in a file
Write your question here. Hello. i am doing a project. basically the program is where the user will...
[1 reply] : Number of periods (full stops) is the number of sentences. (by letscode)
Simple or Silly Question
Hi everybody, I just want to ask a simple(maybe a silly) question, is there a way/method/operator/fu...
[3 replies] Last: Recently I found this operator -= , and I use it like this x = 12 ... (by LuminaChen)
Caesar cipher
The project was to write Caesar cipher using a 13-letter offset. I know i did it the long way and th...
[2 replies] Last: I fixed the errors and the program works. You even found an error that... (by Amorale14)
Help anyone?
Write a program that reads a 4-digit number into a c-string such as binary 1101 (or decimal 0013), a...
[3 replies] Last: Not any part of it? If so, where/why did you get this task (from)? (by keskiverto)
by Clay
program crash.
My code compiles fine, but when it comes to running it, it crashes. As soon as i input line 11 it ma...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks i just put a if (points==0) break; and now it seems to be ... (by Clay)
by ljm21
Comparing strings
Hi I'm having trouble with this while loop, I'm trying to make it read multiple inputs from two diff...
[4 replies] Last: Yes! This is correct! (by ljm21)
Kings tour
Homework Question : Model a "knights tour"where the initial knight's position is chosen at random, ...
[3 replies] Last: There are still several 9 in your code. I suggest to search (also 8... (by coder777)
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