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by mlor3
Confusing code.
I dont understand how this code works. How did they get the variable z and why does proc1 print twic...
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by Chiron
Help Please! Urgent!
I have an assignment tomorrow and I just finished writing the code for it. However when I run the co...
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by jidder
Boost asio/bind
Hi Ive made some modifications to the example code provided on the boost site just to get a bette...
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Using Bitmap with C++
Hello, I'm trying to use Bitmaps with C++. Specifically, given a bitmap object, how can I save th...
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Where do I start, and what can I do? Ambition!
Young and ambitious newbie programmer here. I've decided I'm going to take up C++ programming with t...
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returning value of function by static pointer
Hi.I have to create function that returns the next value in fibonachi sequence every time i call i...
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Need help with checking if two numbers are almost equal
Hello, I need to make a program that says if 2 numbers are almost equal (if they differ by 0.1) and...
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by Alby94
Template's functions partial specialization
It is possible to obtain the partial specialization of function template? How to do? template<c...
[1 reply] : A function template can only be fully specialized, but because functi... (by JLBorges)
by Sam99
Output problem in template class
Whats problem here? I am getting garbage outputs. #include <iostream> using namespace std; templa...
[3 replies] Last: Fix it. Rethink architecture of your vector. Hint: it will be enough t... (by MiiNiPaa)
Problem with producing output
i want to make this kind of output using "for" operation AA ABBA ABCCBA ABCDDCBA ABCDEEDC...
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by Sam99
Simple Vector problem
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int size = 10; template <class T> class vector { ...
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I have a homework assignment about inheritance. When I do it with just one .cpp file everything work...
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by Chubby
how to access to member;
Write your question here. struct Point { int x; int y; }; struct Rectangle { ...
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Print n first primes
Hey there guys Could you please tell me whats wrong with this code? Ive been looking for the erro...
[1 reply] : if(n%i==0); fact++; Notice ; after if. Here what is means: if(n%i==0)... (by MiiNiPaa)
by chofs
store calculated values in a vector
hey guys i want to knw hw can i store my calculated values of sum,hdistance and vdistance in a new ...
[2 replies] Last: Do it the same way you got the data from the file. void calculate(v... (by Jaybob66)
Help with my assignment
Write a c++ program to display your name,department, and matric lines of test. The sample out ...
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Setting Pointer address to NULL
I'm trying to set a pointers address to NULL after I delete the information stored in it. It may be ...
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I'm Newbie
anyone can introduce me what it was C + + via email?
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console open and shutdown quicly
this code right? console open and shutdown quicly #include<iostream> using namespace std;...
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Help With Homework Please
I need help, I have my code that is suppose to take the average of the first element in each arrays...
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