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Ofstream is not making an output file (1,2)
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum world as I have generally in the past just scrolled through ...
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error LNK2019 and LNK1120
I am getting these two errors: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: class Store __t...
[3 replies] Last: You're welcome. You should also read the tutorials on this site. There... (by giblit)
Compiler error ISO C++ forbids initialization
The compiler is giving me an error: iso c++ forbids initialization of member 'raceFinish'. Is there ...
[2 replies] Last: line 48 is the problem. you can only initialize a data member from... (by shadowCODE)
by JJRR26
The Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm
Hello, The algorithm consist in that the user give a number (n) and the program have to find the ...
[15 replies] Last: @ JJRR26, as i mentioned earlier you cannot use any random number algo... (by anup30)
help with assignemnt plz
how would i print a upside down right triangle formed with "*"? The number of rows in the triangle w...
[3 replies] Last: add if((a-b)==d){ cout<< '\n'; continue;} (by anup30)
Arrays with random numbers and looping
I'm having a problem with this code I wrote. Basically it is supposed to roll two dice 36 times and ...
[5 replies] Last: I meant where to put sum=0; but as Keene said in the first comment it ... (by Juan3273)
by fritzy
cant find c++ file
can you pls help me. i made a program in our class and after saving it the only files that i saw ...
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Function arguments, skip and use defaults
I am wondering how to make a function where when you skip an argument, it will automatically use its...
[6 replies] Last: How about this: class Store { std::set<std::string> products; publi... (by keskiverto)
Using #define and grabbing the information with a certain input
With what I have so far, how would I code as to ask the user to input the the name of an item and ou...
[7 replies] Last: Well, you need to stick that all that in a valid place. Start with put... (by ResidentBiscuit)
I am looking for help with openGL.
I want to find a little more advanced tutorials for openGL. I have done the basics but those are the...
[3 replies] Last: Best tutorials out there on the subject I would say are these http://w... (by Z e r e o)
Calculate for total in a row
Hey guys/girls! I did a program to be able to input the day and the route for a bus in a week... and...
[4 replies] Last: Have you considered something like this: enum Weekdays{ M... (by PCrumley48)
by anup30
how to get Programming Principles and Practice using c++ 2nd ed pdf ?
hello world! how can i get a pdf copy of: Programming Principles and Practice using c++ 2nd ed. by ...
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by vxk
string reverse (1,2)
The question is to reverse the string using 2 different functions separately , I am not able to get...
[23 replies] Last: guys like you making C++ harder (゜_゜) If by harder you mean act... (by Z e r e o)
How to make efficient interactions between classes?
Hey guys, so I'm trying to make a simple console (by console i mean cmd) game where you have a chara...
[8 replies] Last: I appreciate the help guys, I had learned about pointers but I guess I... (by bryan177mcsc)
Is this a sensible class hierarchy for a video game?
Hi. I'm pretty new to programming, and not entirely sure I'm grasping the concepts of OOP perfectly....
[5 replies] Last: Hi Zereo, thanks for taking the time to respond. though you are a bi... (by hyperfine)
Arrays help
Hello! I have just started with arrays and I have a question. I have been asigned to make a program...
[2 replies] Last: kemort hit the nail on the head. The beauty of arrays (and why they ar... (by Keene)
Help please
Ive been trying to think of a way to include a yes or no statement at the end of each pattern how ev...
[1 reply] : Your code is asking if the user wants to build another pattern, yes? Y... (by Keene)
An Implementation Of Itoa
the following implementation i found on the internet on a reliable source have to work i don't unde...
[3 replies] Last: Splitting it over two lines makes it easier to follow. *ptr = ... ptr... (by Peter87)
Problems with menu
Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum and I would not come here to ask for help if I'm not despera...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you kemort for helping me. All problems are solved. (by trannghi7707)
by it058
Selection sort to sort linear linked list
Whats problem in sort function (selection sorting is used here)? void sort(node *n) { int...
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