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Simple File Stream
Hi, i am writing a program that will ask the user for their shoe size and brand they would like to p...
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Game Over when life is less than or equal to zero?
I have this code. Can someone help me print ("Game over") to the program when the health of the log/...
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Program with other alphabet
[3 replies] Last: You might want to try this: To us... (by MiiNiPaa)
Calculator will not add two or more digit numbers
Hello, I would like to know if anyone can fix this program for me, so it`s a calculator and the prob...
[6 replies] Last: Sorry cire, your second code worked. Thank you. :) (by YellowPyrmid)
Making loop with skipping an argument
Hello. I need some help with making loops. I'm just starting with programming. Let's say I have a co...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both, finally I can continue my work on studying C++ :) (by xTripper)
by Alby94
Why in this piece of code he is using a private attribute of a class as a constructor? http://www...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for i understand all!!! =)) (by Alby94)
I have a SimpleVector as a class member and I'm getting left of '.push_back' must have class/struct/union
I have tried changing the transactionVector to contain doubles instead of transaction objects and I ...
[2 replies] Last: Ok thanks for the tip. I think I have it working now. I changed the de... (by theperson)
linked lists
Hey , i had written this code to swap the max value with last element in the liked list and to swap ...
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Is this a proper way of expanding array size dynamically?
Hi guys, I am wondering if this is the proper way to do the array expansion... Does the line "pt...
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by alsade
question about array's merge function
i have two problems with my code: 1) inside the function im trying to create array but i cant initi...
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by kimi86
Hi there, is there a good resource which explains the difference between move, copy,promotion, def...
[1 reply] : http://www.stroustrup.... (by Catfish666)
Square Root
I was wondering if i can make a program which finds the square root of a number without using sqrt()...
[13 replies] Last: So i can do static_cast<string> (num) to convert an int to a string... (by jasongog)
Make Costume variable.
Is there a way to create a costume variable. I want 3 dimensions array, with first dimension string,...
[6 replies] Last: hey thanks. When I tried to implement it in I coudnt figure more effic... (by Townsheriff)
linked lists problem
Hey, i made a linked list contain 4 nodes and i want to delete the second half of the linked list >>...
[2 replies] Last: well thank you for your advice's , i know a little bit about the memo... (by max v max2)
Resize Array Passed To Function As Param
I am trying to re-size an array passed as a parameter in a function. The problem is once I am done c...
[1 reply] : oldArray in function is actually a pointer. There would be no differen... (by Peter87)
by sda
infinite loop...write a program to tell you how many months..
You are to write a program to tell you how many months it will take to pay off any loan, as well as ...
[4 replies] Last: hey thanks for all the help. I made the appropriate changes in the lo... (by sda)
Can anyone help me with ifstream?
what am i doing wrong? I am kinda new to c++ ,and i don't see what is wrong with this code. I am usi...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks people. You helped me write this piece that works. Sarcasm, y... (by Catfish666)
print the sum of the first n cubes
hey, guys for some reason i can't get sum3 and sum4 to print 225 which the sum of first 5 integers w...
[3 replies] Last: but 1 more question i was getting sum3 wrong because i didn't get the... (by Catfish666)
by samara
assignmnt on classes
it is a question on classes in order to get total charge of syrgery done medication taken, daily rat...
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Random number
I made a function which, normally, generates a random number. But when i run the program it always s...
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