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by Jarias
C++ database android App
So im trying to create a database app for a company where they can store all their clients informati...
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Problem isn't answer true.
Question and code which ı wrote below.I wrote this code by using flow chart.Everything seems true b...
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by jmb
core dump error
I'm running into this error that I can't figure out. The program runs and outputs everything correct...
[2 replies] Last: Oooooh, I see it. I think I've got it. Thank you for the fast repl... (by jmb)
Hash Tables: Ship Records
I'm currently writing a program that uses hash tables searching through ship records. It's based off...
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by jmb
array of structs help
Hi, I searched and found this thread with alm...
[2 replies] Last: Wow, thank you! I'm wondering about the findLow/findHigh function ty... (by jmb)
Displaying hash table problem
Hello everyone, I just wanted some input on this program I'm working on for class. For some reason, ...
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Program end problem
Hello everyone.So i am making a quiz program which you'll see below.My question is how to make the p...
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by ICantC
Template List not deleting items
I have a simple template list (only using it for ints so far), and all appears to work except deleti...
[1 reply] : Line 89 should be just while (iterator != nullptr) However, your c... (by lastchance)
by hk1996
NEED guidence
I need guidance how to create a function tat does the down below as it is very urgent. As i have no ...
[2 replies] Last: @hk1996, need you count from the most significant digit or from the le... (by nuderobmonkey)
HELP with classes.
i need to choose another class to add to my program/small game. I'm stuck at what type of class to a...
[1 reply] : A class called Game, which has a constructor telling it how many playe... (by salem c)
Why Won't This Show Correct Average?
Everything runs fine so far. It reads from an option of 2 different files provided by my professor i...
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by shuki
can get user assigned varables
Hey, I'm making a program that encrypts a phrase using a Ceaser cipher on which the key or offset is...
[1 reply] : cin >> key; cin.ignore(); so it discards the line break that you pre... (by ne555)
Count words and chars from a file
So basically the problem I have is that when it counts the words then it no longer counts the chars ...
[2 replies] Last: wow I didn't realize it works now Thank you (by Ripb123)
an old assignment that I cannot seem to solve
Part II (5 points) In the source file, declare another array of circles with 6 elements. Using a ...
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Loading a map from a text file in SFML
Hey everyone, I am trying to create an SFML program that loads directly from a .txt file. To clari...
[3 replies] Last: The code to read in four numbers from this file: 1 2 3 4 is identic... (by Repeater)
Loading a map from a text file in SFML
hey everyone, I am trying to create an sfml program that loads a map from a .txt file Let's say ...
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AVL Tree this-> was a null ptr exception
I need help with my project for data structures. I am trying to construct an AVL Tree, I keep gettin...
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2D vector declaration Seg fault core dump
Hi experts, Please help, I do not know why this code Seg fault core dump. #include <iostr...
[3 replies] Last: It was a simple error, @Beherit666. You gave us the code, put it in c... (by lastchance)
array vs vector problem
Hi; Please help me to solve my problem. There is an array of integers (tab ). I need to extract el...
[7 replies] Last: Hi Lastchance my Father in Law solved it in Mathlab this way. Now I t... (by mierzvoj)
Letter Grades Counter does not work
Hi everyone, This program is supposed to count how many A B C D F, get the highest, lowest and a...
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