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vending machine using strusctures
hello so my coding prompt is "Write a program that simulates a soft drink machine. The program ...
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Please Help!!
Hey guys- I wrote this code and am completely lost :( I can not use any arrays or vectors. Any hel...
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by opisop
Need advice/tutorials transitioning to modern OpenGL(3.3+), preferably SDL2-based.
I have been using SDL2 and started tinkering around with OpenGL tutorials on the web a while back. I...
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error::'item' does not name a type
i have this problem (error::'item' does not name a type) and i cant figure it out.If you can help me...
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Compiler error any feedback helps
New to C++ and i am having a little trouble with this problem I feel like i'm declaring the variable...
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C++ Tutorials
I am running Ubuntu MATE 19.04 and i like using the command line. I have been looking around for upt...
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Constructor Help
I need to add a constructor to this code, but I don't know how, even after looking it up. The code d...
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Can you bring law and order to this piece of code?
- case credit, debit - } - enum Card: String { - var description: String { - return self.rawValue -...
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please help with this code
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int test = 0; cout << "Fir...
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Need assistance regarding accessing the private function
Hi, I need to ask about accessing the private function, which I am unable to do after multiple at...
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by GonlyG
Can't read in multiple lines
I'm trying to read in a number which is how many lines of input I have (each line is three strings),...
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Help with Programming (1,2)
Write your question here. Brand new programmer in a class and could use all the help I can g...
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by opisop
How to instantiate an object in a try block, but keep it in scope? (1,2)
What I have is a class with some various if statements in the constructor that test conditions and t...
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how to display photo
i want to show a photo in my graphical interface, while the program is still , but the photo is not ...
[3 replies] Last: i want to show a photo In case it is for nothing else but to dispaly... (by MikeStgt)
question about reinterpret_cast
Hi everyone, in this piece of code, ch is a pointer that points to a character. I understand that *c...
[2 replies] Last: but why ch the pointer itself is also A? Shouldn't it be the memory a... (by Ganado)
Need advice
Hye everyone! So I have covered Structures, object oriented programing etc in the second semester. N...
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error: invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'char*' [-fpermissive]
I want to change the characters in a string passed by user, converted into a C-style string and pass...
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Dragging circles
I am restructuring my code as I was told; now I want to drag and drop my drawn circles as follows: e...
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by GonlyG
string .erase getting rid of vector element
I'm trying to use code from stack overflow to get rid of dashes from multiple strings that I input, ...
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How to emulate a string with char array without oversizing?
I am sure it is possible, but I can't think up of a better idea than malloc ing recursively, withou...
[5 replies] Last: These points come to mind on this subject: A few strings with over-al... (by Niccolo)
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