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various examples of looping programs
give me an example of a loop program using the for , while ,or do while functions !
[1 reply] : while ( input != correct_password) { cout << "Wrong password. Try a... (by Repeater)
Find an nth element in an integer number
Hello, I want to find an nth element in an integer number. (from the left) For example, the number i...
[4 replies] Last: partially. Here, no loops: #include<iostream> #include<cmath> usin... (by jonnin)
Genetic Algorithm NEED HELP
So I've developed my code near completion. Each function operates functionally on there own. However...
[4 replies] Last: I really am sorry for the lack of comments. In the moment I hadn't rea... (by thomash16)
Program returns 0 instead of going back to main menu
I've been writing a code for a uni assignment that includes a main menu (to go by each different act...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks a lot man, deleted the cout cin and it worked. can't believe it... (by carmel b)
by seatea
Beginner programmer - help with authentication problem
Hi folks! I will be asking forhelp with an assignment and don't expect you guys to do it for me, b...
[13 replies] Last: The name of the function was chosen by our teacher, and we are not all... (by seatea)
How do I fix my loop?
How do I fix my code to where the student and assignment numbers aren't set as just single digits? I...
[4 replies] Last: My pleasure :) (by H00G0)
Euler Problem from Hackerrank, code complete but not correct
Hello everyone, Im in my 2nd course for programming and learning c++, for a final I was tasked with ...
[13 replies] Last: I don't know, I haven't seen a link to the actual question yet. It'... (by dhayden)
by jf3238
New to c++ and need finding an error in my code
Hello! I have an upcoming project for one of my coding classes and I am having trouble finding whe...
[3 replies] Last: #include<iostream> #include <ctime> using namespace std; int AskRan... (by againtry)
by medosz
terminating loop
I am trying to write a simple money exchange program. The following should happen: User enters maxim...
[2 replies] Last: I made some changes, but the problem is from the second loop it doesn`... (by medosz)
Why does my Pong ball collision code sometimes not work
I'm creating a pong game with C++ for a University project. I have this snippet of code that check t...
[1 reply] : 1. Why is ball_direction a different object to ball ? It's motion is j... (by salem c)
unexpected whitespace in char array output
I wrote this code trying to reverse a char array. Can someone please tell me why there is a whitespa...
[3 replies] Last: Got it. Kinda feel like a dummy, but hey, I'm still really new to C++.... (by AaronBoyd)
hey guys just want to know how come i give a choice to play again but my program crashes and the num...
[5 replies] Last: never mind i fixed it. apparently i had to change the getline(cin,temp... (by Gerardo559)
by Djpich
Making the probability of a fitter number getting picked higher.
So I have to make a mating pool and with it a sort of raffle for the fittest strings. The problem I'...
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Easy C++ coding
These are the instructions. This is a simple program to calculate stock prices based on user inpu...
[4 replies] Last: Hello herhsey1234, Lets see if I get reported again. A good start, b... (by Handy Andy)
Passing Lambdas
So I saw at some point someone said something(wow, super specific, I know) about how lambdas in c++ ...
[4 replies] Last: Ok. Thanks! (by highwayman)
How to call this function in main() in cpp
I am trying to use the following remove() function in the main() function. Please let me know what i...
[8 replies] Last: If you'd named your parameters with meaningful names, this would have ... (by Repeater)
How to use bool efficiently
How am I able to input any name into my bool, but only one name can be true. Here's my code below...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you! (by LauMan10)
Extremely basic question( undefined ref )
So I thought I could solve this pretty trivial problem myself but to the contrary. I have a Stack...
[3 replies] Last: would this be the problem? - (by mbozzi)
Taking 2 points input
Hey there! I want to take input of only 2 decimal points. It means, if I give 2.54578, it'll just t...
[3 replies] Last: (by Furry Guy)
by zet343
SFML and Qt Creator
Hello, I'm new to C++ and programming and I'm trying to make a graphic application with Qt Creator. ...
[10 replies] Last: So after downloading the environment recommended in the book, I got th... (by zet343)
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