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Increment and Decrement
difference between this x++ and ++x x-- and --x
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printing first input out fail - C program language
please put three integers: 10 5 100 // this is the input : 10 15 20 25 30 3...
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stuck from printing the correct output
the input: 1 5 the output:1 2 3 4 5 6 the input :10 10 the output:10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ...
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by JLaw21
Read in file with Linked List
Hi. I'm having trouble being able to read in my input data to my code from a file. I have it organiz...
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by xcxave
Average Score and Letter Grade
Hi I am new to coding and I am having a difficult time with my code. My code probably is hard to rea...
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How do you go about reading Notepad++ source code?
Notepad++ is open-source: and I'd like to r...
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by coco28
Store Data into Array
I've created a random number generator that places numbers 100-200 into a text file and now I want...
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What is crtexe.c? Is it specific to the Visual Studio?
What is crtexe.c? Is it specific to the Visual Studio?
[1 reply] : When the OS runs your compiled C++ program, the first line of main() i... (by salem c)
How do I write a loop in my code? I tried to but didn't work.
Hello! I apologize posting here twice in a day (shout put to @Furry Guy for helping me out). I was t...
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BigO functions
Below are some common BigO functions to analyzing the Algorithms: O(1) - constant time O(log(n))...
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by annw3y
Checking if it's letter digit or special character
Hey guys i need some help, i started a program which checks in file for letters, digits and special ...
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by mareli
How to perform these 2 actions in one for-loop?
Hello, I am working through 'Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++' and have found myself s...
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comparison between signed and unsigned integer
Hi, I am running a very small program and I am getting the warning "comparison between signed and un...
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How do I insert into vector<int>?
Hi community lm trying to insert an element in a specific position then displace all elements in a v...
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by Horror
Help with Temperature Program
I need help writing a C++ program which reads temperatures from a data file called temperature.txt, ...
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by annw3y
Counting Letters in Word
I am having troubles how to start creating program which counts letters in words in .txt file and pr...
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by luckyt
using vector in private class?
I am trying to use the vector m_Gamers declared in the private class using FindorInsert to compare s...
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Linked list
I am newb and naive about this topic can someone give me an example program and teach me? th...
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My program has stopped working every time I input 0
My program has stopped working every time I input 0 on the divisor. How do I fix this this? My out...
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if else statement
Hi! I'm new to C++ and I was wondering how to get a statement using selection statements (if and els...
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