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by ysf007
how to get threads to communicate with shared memory ?
Hi, I'm trying to write a code which allows me to get threads to communicate, a particular way. ...
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Should you forward declare classes that are part of a library?
Is it ok to declare classes that are part of a library that your using or should you only forward de...
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Resize function help.
So I need a resize function that is only called when the insert function checks for and discovers th...
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Need help with arrays.
A default constructor that sets up an initial array of 5 unsigned longs, sets capacity to 5 and used...
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insert function help.
So I need an insert function that receives an unsigned long as a parameter and puts it into the next...
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Need hint for this, please!
So our assignment is to do this: The following program (see file starBox.txt) is the shell of a pr...
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Call Function problems?
I am new at c++ so I don't know what I'm missing. The program just asks for the pay rate, wage, and ...
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Can anyone help me with this question ? my approach was to find greatest character from the current...
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Calling the right function of a child class
I need to call the correct function from an object of a sub-class. Both the super-class and the sub-...
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guyz please help me out here!! i am doing this problem using dfs. i am passing 4 cases in the firs...
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by Yap
hey everyone, i just started learning programming and I've given a task to create this output "The g...
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by jism3
pointer question
I've been trying to learn c++ lately and its becoming a habit of me to validate pointers using these...
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Ways to share variables between classes
Imagine I have a class A and a class B that both depend on the same set of variables. Class A sets t...
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by h4ever
Organisation of files
May I have a general question? When writing program which will access many data files to search reco...
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Inheritance Conundrum
So I've got a little bit of a problem with a program I'm working on. I've got two classes: class A a...
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Need help with GEARS!!!!
it will be 0
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Coloring problem in 1D
Can you give some more detail on the problem? Preferably post the actual text of the problem you're ...
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Need help with making a calculator using arrays.
I'm learning C++ atm., and I am at arrays right now. I understood the mechanics of it, but I was cur...
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by t009
Overloadig operator on a class
Taken from this websites example on classesII. // overloading operators example #include <ios...
[1 reply] : Cvector::operator+ just means that you want to define operator+ that i... (by Peter87)
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